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Konad Image Plate M57 Review,Swatches & NOTD

A Sleek & Inglot GiveawayEntry by Lee Bee (Entry # 5)

Hello Beauties,
Today im going to review my favourite Konad image plate. Its M57 & comes with 6 designs. ‘Konadicure’ is a boon for girls who love nail art but don’t have a steady hand or the patience to paint all those intricate details perfectly.
 Konad Image Plate M57 has 3 full nail designs , 2 decorative designs that can used to decorate your tips & a flowerette design.

Im not too perfect with stamping yet so pls dont mind the ‘not so perfect’ nail art.
Complete Breakdown of the Konad Image Plate M57
1) Zebra Print – I love this plate especially because of the animal print.The design adequately covers the whole nail. I like that the print isn’t delicate & has a well defined print so its quite noticeable unlike the smaller designs which as my mum says looks more like “ants on my nails” :P..Sorry I messed my zebra print a bit.

2) Net Design – Its a very pretty net design. I somehow always mess it up & never stamp it straight but thankfully I got it right this time!!
3) Leopard Print – OMG! MY absolute favorite design.I cant stop gushing about it.The design looks exactly like a leopard’s skin & stamps soooo well!!! Every time I wear ‘leopard nails’ I get loads of compliments for my nails.

4-5) Decorative Designs – I usually use these tip designs diagonally on my nails. I’ve also used this between my nail and colored tips & it looks fabulous.
6) The flowerettes – I’m never able to fit all the 3 flowers together on my nail.I guess no one can so I only stamp two flowers on my nails.Its very prominent & stamps well.

Overall I’m quite happy with this particular image & I especially love the full nail designs.The 3 full nail designs will adequately cover long nails but not REALLY long nails.

At first I had gotten really dejected when I had bought the Konad T set as the image plate (M36) provided with it had really delicate designs & it was really hard for a beginner like me to get the placing of the designs just right! Also the designs weren’t as prominent as the designs in the M57 plate. So if you are just a beginner do buy the kit (as it’ll turn out cheaper) but do buy this image plate as well.

The zebra print looks fabulous with a white base & the leopard print with yellow but I’m currently obsessed with Pink( I just bought 3 more Pink Npz to add to my already flowing Pink NP Mania) so I couldn’t talk myself into applying a different base 😀
Products Used:

1) Konad Image Plate M57
2) Konad Special Nail Polish-Black
3) Colorbar Nail Laquer – Sizzling Pink(As Base Coat)
4) Konad Top Coat
My recommendation? Do I need to say it?! Its obvious how much I love it & if you’re a nail art lover then go grab it!!

Have you tried the Konad M57 image plate? What’s your favorite stamping image plate?Do share it with us. 🙂

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