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As Beautiful As Your Work!

When I first started my career as an IT professional 8 years back, I never thought that my journey would continue this long. In this 8 plus years, I had been through hard times … I had seen n number of strict, ‘yelling at your face’ kind of bosses… I’ve crossed continents and countries and worked on different geographic locations, separated from home… lived alone… missed my home and loved ones! Lost my love (yes you read it right)… you may ask! “Why are you still working then?”

The answer is simple J I chose my profession 8 years back and I am responsible for the choices I make! Now to survive this game that I had started, I have 2 options, either to whine and quit like a loser or to choose to be happy and win the game!

Though my journey was rough, all that I’ve learned through the years is that being happy is my personal choice, a survival instinct. I am responsible for the choices I make! And Happiness is just a state of mind. Given a worse situation, I can either choose to be happy and handle a nitpicker easily or choose to be sad and get mad at my co-workers and spoil the fun for all!! The choice is all mine!! J

See this Mia TVC; don’t we think Megha had a choice? She could have agreed with her boss and let go her persona but instead she chose to put up a confident smile and proved her boss wrong J

To me this is the real essence of Beauty.  When we smile, we look beautiful. Inner peace and happiness gives us that special glow J This glow and beauty reflects in all the work we do J If you are someone who’s struck in to this monotonous IT lifestyle, here is my advice to you, smile J Smile at every possible situation in your life…

When your boss yells at you, smile and tell yourself that you can prove him or her wrong one day. If your family doesn’t support you through this journey, smile and tell yourself things would change soon with time J When your code doesn’t work on the night of implementation or when you don’t have enough data for your presentation for the client meeting next morning, just smile and tell yourself that you have got an opportunity to prove yourself to others J

To wear a smile every time, at every situation is tough! but you know what makes you happy and smile J To me makeup, jewelry and dressing up well, makes my day J I love to present myself well so that when I see myself in the mirror I get that confidence and a sense of happiness J A cup of fresh coffee will instantly make me happy and bring that smile on my face J If you have a favorite comedy track, that you love, or a song that will stir your happy glands, go for it! Load that in your mobile and listen to it whenever you are down, that will bring back the smile in your face J

Remember, every one of us have that lighter side of us, all we need to do is just to hit the spark at the right time to bring up that funny side of us and viola we will smile in no time <3

For a change, start your day with a broad smile and spread that happiness around and see… you will soon see everything beautiful and beauty in everything <3

Trust me! Every happy woman is beautiful as her work, just as beautiful as her smile, as beautiful as Mia <3 

— This is my entry to the “As beautiful as your work” contest by Tanishq – Mia

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