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Highlighters: Cream vs Powder!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Deepika (Entry # 5)

Highlighting is a vital part of eye makeup and defining certain features on your face. Highlighting the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, cupids bow and the brow bone (basically the high points on your face) ensures that when light hits those areas it stands out prominently showing off the high points on your face with a glow (hope I made sense here!).

Today I thought I’ll do a comparison between a cream and powder highlighter so that it clears any confusion as to which one to choose. 

Let me start off by saying that I prefer a cream highlighter to a powder one since I find it gives a nice glow to my dry skin. If you are using a cream blush it is always better to use a cream highlighter since blending both would be easier. Also a cream highlighter works well with a powder blush too. It also lasts longer. 
I don’t have anything against powder blushers 😀 A powder highlighter is most suitable for those with oily skin. Although a cream highlighter can be applied with your hands it is always preferable to use a flat brush to apply a powder highlighter.  Make sure to blend it with your blush so that there is no stark line between the two. 8
A few things to keep in mind while applying a highlighter:

·  If you have a cool skintone go for a silver based highlighter and gold if you have a warm skintone. The same rule applies when you use a cool tone/warm blush. 
·  Remember to blend in the highlighter with your blush.
·  While highlighting, make sure you contour your face too to ensure the highlighted features stand out even more prominently. 
Take a cue from Kareena and Kim Kardashian who sure know how to highlight their best features! Take a look! 
Do you use highlighters? Which are your favourite ones? How do you apply your highlighter?

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