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Lotus Herbals Sunscreen Face Wash Gel – Review!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Upasana (Entry # 8)

Hi all J

Today I’d be reviewing a face wash from Lotus Herbals, well this is the only face wash I ever had from Lotus brand. I love their matte sunblock, and have been using it for last 3yrs or more I guess, that was the reason I got this sunscreen face wash gel too. Read onto know how good it is..

Claims :-

Sunscreen face wash gel with Grapes & plums sun protection. Contains an innovative sunscreen agent, invented recently.

Grapes : Deep pore cleansing & normalizing ph balance of skin.
Plums : Helps deposit sunscreen agent on skin evenly and imparting smooth and silky feel to skin

Price : INR 110/-

Quantity : 80gms

Shelf life : 3yrs.

The main reason I bought this face wash was my love for sunscreen, and I thought wow maybe it’s a wonder product. I had high expectations from it in terms of being a ‘facewash’ and a sunblock at the same time. The packaging is ok-ish, has a flip top cap like most of the Lotus caps.

In terms of texture, this face wash is quite a runny+wobbly gel, so if you aren’t careful enough it will fall in the sink in a blink of eye. The face wash otherwise is quite pretty, a very pretty orange/golden gel with minute shimmer particles, but can anyone in the whole world explain me why is their shimmer thingy in a face wash that claims to be sun protectant at the same time ???? Is this their main sunscreen agent ??

The face wash lathers like crazy, a small amount is enough, but at the same time it’s so difficult to wash it off your face. Its such an annoying feeling to have a slippery layer on your face, moreover you get that feeling that your skin isn’t squeaky clean. The end result is something I don’t prefer with my face washes. Other thing which I like is its fragrance, don’t know what kind of fragrance it is, but its pleasant.

Once I washed my face with it (and why did I ) and went out in sun, to be specific it was evening sun, and luckily I happened to see my face in mirror, I was shocked to see my face sparkling !! Not in terms of glow, but I was sparkling like Edward Cullen sparkles in sun LOL !! 😀 no to be true, the shimmer thing was all over my face. I don’t know if I was supposed to be happy 😛

It’s a waste, I’d never ask anyone to try this out.

Godbless J

G&G Commendet!

Oh noo L  but seriously who would love that vampire’ish look !! Err except Bella 😉 😛 but this thing looks like a molten lava to me 🙂 loved your review Upsie :* I will definitely stay away from this <3

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