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New Product Launch – Medimix Prickly Heat Powder!

This summer season beat the heat with the goodness of “Natural
Organic Khus” with the newly launch “Medimix Prickly Heat Powder”

With sweltering heat and rising temperature, summers are just around the corner. This hot season don’t let the heat soak up your energy; indulge in the goodness of Natural Organic Khus complemented with select ayurvedic herbs with the newly launch Medimix Prickly heat powder. Enriched with cooling properties of Khus – Medimix Prickly Heat Powder offers a great escape from the unbearable heat and sweat of summer. Medimix Prickly Heat Powder contains the powerful combination of Ayurvedic ingredients and oils like Natural Organic Khus (Vetiver), Ginger & Deodar oils and also has a mesmerizing cooling sensation that
lasts for a very long time.

Khus, being the most preferred cooling agent during the summer times; Medimix Prickly Heat
Powder is a natural and effective remedy against Prickly Heat. With Natural Organic Khus
(NOK) formula, the refreshing talc pacifies the skin against prickly heat and lends a cooling
effect to the body. The special non-irritant NOK formula which combines the goodness of
Khus, Ginger oil, Vetiver oil, Deodar oil, and Cassia oil effectively takes care of the Prickly Heat.
Formulated with organic Khus, the talc soothes burning and itching caused due to sweat and
heat. This cooling property of the Khus with select Ayurvedic herbs and oils makes this talc one
of the most powerful cooling powders that is ideal for this summer season. Regular usage of
the talcum powder for three days can give a respite from scorching heat along with smooth and
rejuvenated skin.

About Medimix Prickly Heat Powder

Medimix is known to be a natural and effective remedy against prickly heat. The composition
consist of special non irritant NOK formula – which combines the goodness of Khus, Ginger
oil, cedar wood oil and other select ayurvedic herbs which are affective against prickly heat
problems. Medimix Prickly Heat with NOK (Natural Organic Khus) Formula is enriched with
100% natural ingredients like:

  • Natural Organic Khus/Vetiver – nature’s ultimate remedy against prickly heat
  • Vetiver Oil – against body odour
  • Cassia Oil & Tankan Bhasma – against skin irritation/infections
  • Cedar wood Oil & Yashad Bhasma – fights bacteria continuously
  • Ginger Oil – mild on sensitive skin
  • Vetiver fragrance & Odour Free Menthol – soothing, caring and enchanting feel

Priced at Rs 50/- for 100 grams and Rs. Rs. 10/- for 20 grams, Medimix Prickly heat powder is all
you need to cool your skin naturally. The talcum powder is available at all leading retail stores
across the country.

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