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The Pink Wing – Eye Makeup Tutorial!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Upasana (Entry # 7)

Hi all J

Today I’d be doing an artistic eye makeup, inspired by an image that was posted by my male friend on my FB wall. 

Surprisingly, this image took away my heart, because since so many days I was looking forward to try out something different, something that I really like do in terms of creativeness. The only thing lacking in my version is that, I don’t have the exact pair of fluttering butterfly style false lashes, but I used the ones I had. Also this isn’t wearable, but you can of course tone it down according to your needs and comfort.

This is the reference pic

And this is my version

So let’s start the tutorial J

I primed my lids, and blended a white eye pencil all over and under my lid to act as a base. After that I placed a bright matte pink eyeshadow all over the lid.

Using an angled brush, I feathered this pink out, to make a wing. This “wing” will actually help in making the definite wing that we’ll make later. Make sure to elevate this wing at such angle, that the other wing gets enough space to get positioned.

Then taking a flat angled brush, draw a wing just above the boundary of “pink” wing. This should be done in this way, thin and crisp in the inner corner, and thick and blended on the outer area.

Taking another flat angled brush (you can use a pencil brush, or if not use the previous brush, just rub it slightly against a soft cloth, and flip the side and use it) I placed some matte purple eyeshadow across my lower lash line, extending it outwards to meet the black wing.

Just to prevent it from looking dull, I brushed some black eyeshadow on the lower lash line, to provide it a texture. I highlighted the brow bone using my powder foundation, Then I lined my eyes, filled in my waterline with a black kohl, applied mascara & finished up with falsies.

This is how it looks finally J

I’m still novice at applying false lashes, but this application is still far better than the one’s I tried before 😛

Products used

  • Nyx jumbo eye pencil – Milk
  • Coastal Scents hot pot – Passion Fruit Pink & Vibrant Plum
  • MAC Carbon
  • MyFace cosmetics Slinky matte eyeliner
  • Loreal tru match concealer
  • Eye Eyelash Adhesive
  • MAC Studio fix powder foundation

Hope you like the look J

G&G Commendet!

Lovely Tutorial Upsie 🙂 sooper easy to follow and you have done a fab job in replicating the original idea <3

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