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Meilin Star Gloss – Shade 08 – Review!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Jasmine (Entry # 1)

Hi Everyone,
Today I will be reviewing Meilin Star Gloss.

I am more biased towards lip glosses more than anything else. 

If I am given a choice between a priciest lipstick and a normal range gloss…I would still pick a gloss…that’s how biased I am.

I saw my friend using this gloss and I fell in love with its shade instantly. I loved the nude and natural shade it had and I love how luscious and glamorous it made her lips!! So I asked her to get one for me as well…and tada here I am reviewing it… after 6 months of using it.


Meilin, it’s a hongkonk based company. When I saw the brand I didn’t know about it..so that’s what my friend told me..Its a foreign brand and makes good quality makeup at reasonable prices.

About the shade

I have this one in Shade code 8. However there are many other shades available!

Color and texture

It’s a nude skin tone shade…like the one you get in foundations with deep beige color and lots of glossiness. The texture is similar to other glosses. It’s sticky and shiny!!


It comes with a nice fruity smell which fades away gradually.

Price and Quantity

Rs 180 for 8.6ml.

My take on it

Well as I said I have been using it since 6 months now and I love it. It goes perfectly well with everything. I like how it can be used in different sort of looks, I use it for a natural look in the day, then if I have a lunch or a dinner party to attend then I simply put a single coat pink or red lipstick and top coat it with this gloss.


  • Lovely Shade
  • Super glossy
  • Affordable.
  • Doesn’t dries out the lips
  • Doesn’t leak
  • Can be mixed with other colors to create new shades.
  • Easily available at custom makeup stores.
  • The applicator is nice and smooth.

  • The gloss wears out in 2 hours. So reapplying is needed.
  • Not very pigmented.

Will I repurchase it

Yes, and maybe other shades too!!


4 out of 5.

G&G Commendet!
Looks like a value for money product 🙂 Lovely review Jasmine <3

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