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Adios Amigos!!

Adios Amigos!! – Yes you read it right J

Until this moment I had no clue that my very first post for this year would be this J

I had been contemplating on this decision for over a month now and trust me… it wasn’t an easy decision for me L

At this point of time I have a lot of things going on in my life, and this period of time, to me is very critical and I need to focus on it 100%

It’s quite painful to just let go things that we actually love (Read – The Blog), but we always have certain priorities in life that takes precedence L

So this time it’s going to be a “big break” guys JI am not sure when I would get back to this space again… But definitely not this year J

So wish me luck guys J I will miss you all for sure L

I will not be active on Facebook as well… So if you anytime wish to say a “Hello” please feel free to drop me an email at rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.com J I will definitely respond J

For others who have my number, I am just a call/message away J

Keep in touch guys, Stay Gorgeous, Stay Safe and Stay Blessed <3

Adios Amigos!! J

PS: I have 3 scheduled posts for this week so once that’s done… it’s done!! (Ok before I get any emotional let me just sign off L)


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