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My 6 Favorite Avon Simply Pretty Lipsticks!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Deepika (Entry # 3)
When I’m on a budget I think smart, act smart and errrrr… try and shop smart πŸ˜› When I’m on a budget I’m calculative (ONLY when I’m forced to spend within a budget :P). If a MAC lipstick is 990 bucks how many Avon lipsticks can I buy with that much money and so on… 

I love my Avon lipsticks. Especially the Simply Pretty ones. Here are the 6 shades that I love and all of them are priced at 169 INR for 3.5-4g. They are always on discount which makes them even more incredible! 

Cherry Red: A bold red with a pink undertone; Good for those of you who want to try a red which isn’t too bright yet gives you the hot red lips. 

Mango Mania: A warm orange shade which would look gorgeous on warm skintones. It is one of my everyday wear shades. For those of you who are scared of bright oranges try this one. You are sure to love it. 
Coral Pink: A gorgeous pinkish coral shade with the pink being more prominent.

Amethyst: A lovely blend of mauve-fuschia with a frosty finish. 
Romance: A warm pink with a slight red undertone. 
Fresh Rose: A warm pink shade which is universally flattering; A lovely everyday wear color. 
All these 6 colors would look great on Indian skintones! 
Btw you can buy almost 6 lipsticks with 990 bucks (cost of one MAC lipstick :P) and since these are always on offer who knows you might just end up buying more!! πŸ˜€ 

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