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The Brand Focus Series – Prakriti Herbals Hair care Kit!

Hey all, first of my apologies for not being “active” online these days This is actually a long pending post and I would be reviewing the all new Prakriti Herbals Hair care kit as part of the Glitter & Gorgeous “The Brand Focus” series 

They have a similar skin care kit, which I have already reviewed it here,

According to Prakriti Herbals, this Hair care kit is a synergistic combination of Nourishing Amla Hibiscus Fenugreek Hair Oil, Hydrating Aloevera Silk Protein Shampoo, Hydrating Aloevera Cucumber Gel & Silky Jojoba Aloevera Conditioner to nourish, strengthen and soften your hair, keeping dandruff and hair loss at bay!

We also have an option to substitute the Aloevera Silk Protein Shampoo with Hibiscus Aloevera ShampooJ
The kit comes in a beautiful green paper box type packaging, totally apt as a gift to your loved ones <3 

Prakriti Herbals Nourishing Hair Oil – Amla, Hibiscus & Fenugreek (For all Hair types)
This has become my HG hair oil. Seriously girls, I am in my second bottle now 😀 The Hair oil is green in color, light and non sticky, Moisturizes scalp well and detangling is smooth and easy Jand the best part is it has considerably reduced my hair fall too 😀

The oil has a mild herbal smell, which is not overpowering. Washing is quite easy. Does not leave any greasiness behind after wash J

The only thing that pinches me is the price, its 120 bucks for 60 ml LI will be happy if I can get 100 ml for the same price J

I use this hair oil overnight and wash it off the next morning and have been using it for the past 2 months and I have seen some positive changes in my hair texture and lesser hair fall J

The packaging is quite sturdy and travel friendly. I will keep buying this even if I find another impressive oil like this <3

Prakriti Herbals – Revitalising Shampoo – Hibiscus, Aloevera (For all hair types)
When I first saw the word Hibiscus, I was like “Man! I am definitely gonna try this” and I’m glad I did J this is one of the very few shampoos that has actually worked on my hair well <3

The best part is it smells too good, I just keep sniffing it at least 10 minutes every time I wash my hair J

The shampoo is pink in color and the consistency is quite runny, which means you will end up using a little more than actually required J I would have preferred a pump bottle packaging than the usual one because of the runny consistency of the shampoo. Again, the price is little high compared to the quantity offered L

Hibiscus is an excellent natural hair conditioner and softener and its hard to find a shampoo with Hibiscus as the main key ingredient in it. This shampoo makes hair soft and manageable without having the need to use a conditioner J

Lathers well and controls the hair fall well J

Excellent shampoo and has already entered my “Best Buy” list for this year <3
Prakriti Herbals – Hydrating Shampoo – Aloe Vera and Silk Protein (For dry to normal hair)
Ok now after using the Hibiscus shampoo, I had a lot of expectations on this one, but sadly this didn’t work on my hair L May be because I have an oily scalp and this was meant for dry to normal hair types. So totally understandable!

Unlike the hibiscus shampoo this one is little thick in consistency and its green is color. Smells very refreshing and lathers quite well.

Only problem that I faced was, it ripped off all the natural oil from my hair and made my hair dry & stiff L now here I didn’t understand the point because this one is meant for dry hair but it actually rips the oil content from the scalp making it more dry. So not sure how it would work on dry hair. Since its not meant for my hair type, I cannot really comment on that part L

If anyone of you with dry/normal hair type have used this shampoo, do let me know your thoughts by commenting below, this will help our readers extensively J

Prakriti Herbals – Silky Conditioner – Jojoba and Aloe Vera (For all hair types)
All the conditioners that I have tried until now are quite thick in consistency and this one is quite runny.

I tried this conditioner after using the Hydrating shampoo hoping that it would make my hair silky soft. But I was not quite happy with the results. I first used a coin size to spread thru the hair and due to the runny consistency, I felt I needed to use a little bit more to cover my medium length hair, and tried a little more, wasn’t happy, some more, some more and gosh I ended up using half of the bottle to feel convinced that I have covered all my hair with the conditioner!

Since I had used almost half of the bottle, washing it off was tiresome Lso the next time I thought I will just use the regular amount that I usually use for any conditioner, but it was totally not working, the hair remained rough and dry L 

FYI, the first time when I used half the bottle, the hair was quite good and well behaving J so to conclude, the conditioner works! but Prakriti Herbals definitely needs to work on its consistency J I am hoping that they definitely will <3

Prakriti Herbals – Hydrating Gel – Aloe Vera and cucumber (For all Skin types)
If you had already ready my Rose gel review, this works exactly the same way and gives excellent results.

The gel is green in color and smells all Aloevera. Works well both on skin and hair. An easy-to-go option for all the skin/hair problems; Best suited while travelling, easy to carry around and works as “All-in-one” savior <3

This one is totally worth the money, because this one will last you a pretty long time J

This hair care kit is available for Rs. 450 (Pack of four 60 ml bottles) and can be bought online here. Alternatively you can email them with your order list to info@prakritiherbals.in

So have you used any of these products? If so how was your experience? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below J
Thanks for reading J
Take care and Stay Gorgeous <3


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