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Avon Holiday Collection Makeup Palette – Review & Swatches!

Avon launched this new Palette as part of their holiday collection last month. They call this a 3-in-1 palette, which has 8 eye shadows (warm & cool toned), 1 blusher and a face powder, which is more or less a highlighter!

It also comes with a mini blush brush and a dual ended eye shadow applicator, all of them encased in a solid black case with a transparent open-up lid. The packaging is quite classy and solid. The lacy floral design adds a girly touch to the case J

There are 8 eye shadows in total, 4 warm shades and 4 cool. The warm shades include a copper brown, a lilac (matte), a highlighter cream shade (matte) and a gorgeous moss green shade J
Out of this lot my favorite is the moss green shade <3

Moving on to the cool shades, we have a light grey-blue shade (matte), a gun metal shade, a pearly cream shade and a pearly rose shade. Both the pearly shades are my favorite out of this lot <3

The Blusher is a soft pink shade and blends quite well. The face powder/highlighter has a pink undertone to it so IMO it may not suite all the skin tones!

The staying power is quite decent for all the shades, just that the matte shades are little powdery and are difficult to blend with L

The blush brush is quite ok but I would suggest you all to use a proper blush & eye shadow brush to make the application more even and easier <3 J

If you are collector of holiday LE palettes, this may be your choice but if you are a makeup learner/beginner then this may not be your cup of tea 😀

The Avon Holiday collection palettes retails at Rs. 999 (Right now it’s sold on offer at Rs. 699)

Oh wait did I say you all about the rivalry release, check this out guys, I am so looking forward to it, with better price and better options <3 — 6 more days to go for the new launch 😀

So what do you guys think about the concept of holiday LE palettes, are you a collector? Or have you ever tranced after one? Share your thoughts in the comments section below J

Thanks for reading J

Take care and Stay Gorgeous <3


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