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Avon Ultra Color Rich Brilliance Lipstick Swatches!!

Avon has introduced the UCR lipsticks under the Brilliance series this month and there are 12 beautiful shades available in this range and I managed to get the swatches exclusively for our G&G readers J

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The shades available are,

Amethyst Sunset 
Brilliant Ruby 
Crimson Twilight 
Midnight Gleam 
Mocha Glisten
Rouge Luxury
Aurora Rose
Berry Glitz
Gilded Velvet
Pink Paparazzi
Sienna Sparkle

Swatches without flash,


Swatches with flash,

All the shades are packed with sparkles, quite creamy and glides well J

Except for Amethyst Sunset, rest were quite pigmented J

Closeup shots of each shade J

I personally liked Sienna Sparkle, Aurora Rose & Berry Glitz J

So what’s your pick Jdo let us know in the comments section below  J

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