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The Brand Focus Series – Prakriti Herbals – Facial Kit Gift Hamper Review

First of my sincere apologies for MIA for quite some time Lwasn’t well and hence this delay in posting reviews LSorry about that and let’s move on with the series J

Learn more about The Brand Focus series here!

Today I will be reviewing the Facial Kit Gift Hamper from Prakriti Herbals J

The Prakriti Herbals Facial kit Gift Hamper consists of the following products,
  1. Refreshing Strawberry Aloevera Arnica Facewash
  2. Exfoliating Walnut Scrub with Wheatgerm oil and Aloevera
  3. Revitalizing Papaya Fruit Pack
  4. Aloevera Rose Gel

Now let’s see the detailed review of these products J

Refreshing Strawberry Aloevera Arnica Facewash

According to Prakriti Herbals, this is a refreshing gentle soap free face wash to cleanse and refresh your skin. Arnica cleanses the skin effectively and helps control acne and pimples. Enriched with luscious strawberries and moisturizing aloevera juice, this gentle face wash softens, protects and moisturizes your skin leaving it refreshed, soft and hydrated.

Ingredients and Directions for use:

The first thing that attracted me was the packaging J. The cute unusual one-of-a-kind packaging is definitely a plus for all the Prakriti Herbals products J

The packaging is sturdy and travel friendly – The flip cap is tight and leak proof!

The face wash is a red colored liquid that has a running consistency and lathers quite well on skin.

It has a hint of medicinal smell (herbal?) when sniffed from the bottle but the smell doesn’t bother or linger on for a long time after the wash.

Removes dirt and impurities quite well, leaving behind a fresh clean and soft skin J

Removes the basic makeup but not the waterproof mascara/eyeliner!

Takes less water to wash it off the face and it dint break me out (happy dance J)

A small coin size amount is sufficient to cover the face and neck and hence this 60 ml quantity would definitely last a long way J

These are one among the few good herbal face washes that are currently available in the market. Definitely worth a try J

As part of the face cleansers, they also have a Purifying Fresh Lime Aloevera Cleansing Milk, which is soon to be launched (I guess J) and I am so interested in trying that out as Lime & Aloevera seems to be a great combination as a cleanser J

According to Prakriti Herbals, this is a gentle exfoliating Walnut scrub that has Walnut shell granules that gently scrub the skin to remove dead cells and blackheads. Wheatgerm oil, rich in natural Vitamin E, nourishes the skin and Aloevera moisturizes and softens the skin for a fresh glowing complexion
Ingredients and Directions for use:

The scrub is quite creamy in texture and has minute exfoliating granules that are extremely gentle on the skin and exfoliates dead cells and skin well! It did control and help me with my black heads to an extent J

It smells too good and leaves the skin soft and fresh after the wash J

I use this scrub on alternate days and I apply a generous amount on the skin and gently massage it all over the face and neck  for a minute to exfoliate the dead cells and leave it on the skin for about 5 to 10 mins and then wash it off JThis way I see better results and I am quite happy with it J

The packaging is again sturdy, leak proof and travel friendly J

Since its an oil based scrub, IMO this would work well on dry skin/combination-dry skin well J

To me its one of the best scrubs I’ve tried so far J A total thumbs-up!! J

According to Prakriti Herbals, this face pack is a revitalizing unique blend of fruity ingredients that revitalize and firm up the skin. Enriched with papaya a natural exfoliator which removes freckles and smoothens the skin, cucumber and Aloevera which cool and strawberry which nourishes the skin to make it glow!

Ingredients and Directions for use:

Okay I need to admit this first J I am totally madly deeply in love with this face pack JThis is like my HG face pack girls JThis is one little miracle that works well with my skin, it treats my skin well, no breakouts no pimples and no dryness!!

It smells amazing!! The smell is too good that I would keep sniffing it all day long J

The texture is like a soft paste, which spreads well on the skin. Easily dries in minutes after application and this will not give you that usual stretchy face pack feel when fully dried! At first I was a bit worried and thought it didn’t do anything to my skin coz it didn’t stretch my skin like a normal face pack, but now after using this pack I know that the face pack-stretch thing is just a myth!

It gives a nice glow to the skin and I use this once in three days and alternate it with my Omved Ubtan J On regular usage I felt that my skin has become soft and pimple free and has a healthy glow and shine J

This is one face pack that I would keep buying all my life!! J

The only problem I faced was with the packaging, after 60-70% usage, it gets difficult to get the product out of the tube. So I need to open the cap and scoop the product out with a spatula which is quite annoying at times LI would prefer a regular tube like packaging (like that of a tooth paste where we can squeeze and remove every bit of the product :P)

Other than this the face pack is a fab must try product from this range J

As part of their upcoming new launches, PrakritiHerbals would also be launching a Sandal Face pack and I am already thrilled to try that out J

According to Prakriti Herbals, the Aloevera, the miracle rejuvenator for skin and hair has been formulated in to a non-greasy clear transparent gel. This natural concentrate of Aloevera juice, being a totally natural product, gets instantly absorbed and brings life back to dry skin and hair! It acts as a natural moisturizer, soothing protectant day cream, a nourishing night cream and as a base for the herbal face pack and herbal hair food.

Ingredients and Directions for use:

This is actually a wonder product I must say! Have you heard of the term “Akshaya Patra”  (If not please check wiki :P) this is something exactly like that J I have been using this diligently for almost a month now and for God Knows, everything! And I could still see almost 80% of the product left behind in the tube J

I use this for the hard skin on the elbow and ankles and this has helped me smoothen it, I use this for shoe bites and this cools and heals the bites perfectly well!

If you are a computer person, you would definitely have this hard skin developed on your wrists near the palm where you rest your hand for the mouse and keyboard use. This heals that too!!

I use it with my face pack, apply it directly on my face and neck after bath and use it on my face for sun burns too J

The only thing that I haven’t tried with this gel is I haven’t used this on my hair! Although it states that it’s safe to use it on hair, I have not really tried it yet, I guess I will try it soon J

This rose colored gel spreads extremely well on the skin and gets absorbed well leaving a matte finish J

It smells mildly of roses and frankly speaking I hate rose fragrance, but this one surprisingly didn’t bother me much J

Another soon to be launched variant is the Aloevera cucumber gel and I am sure its going to be equally good  J

All the above reviewed products are sold individually and together as a Facial Kit Gift Hamper J

The individual pack is retailed at Rs. 120 for a 60 ml quantity and the Facial Kit Gift Hamper (4X60 ml) is retailed at Rs. 450 J

The individual packs and the Facial kit Gift Hamper are available online at Flipkart and Shopo.in, I’ve personally not seen them at any local stores.

And you guys have a good news J As a limited period launch offer this Facial Kit Gift Hamper is available for Rs. 399 at Flipkart along with Free shipping J

Hurry up and Order your Kit now J

These products are all Herbal and totally safe to use! To me the face pack and Rose Gel have become my “Cant-do-without”  HG products J

So have you guys tried these products yet? If so which is your favorite JDo let me know in the comments section below J

I am in the process of validating the entries, I will be announcing the winner tomorrow J

So watch this space for the winner announcement J
Take care and Thanks for reading J

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