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DIY Storage container for your blushers!

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Deepika (Entry # 1)

I’ve always been on a lookout for a set of acrylic drawers to store my blushers. Actually I would settle for anything which has the following features:

  • A storage unit/container in which taking and putting back blushers is easy and non-messy
  • Which allows for visibility of the colors of the blushers at one glance; I hate rummaging through my drawer to see the colors. And when I have very little time to get ready the last thing I would want to do is search for something!

Keeping these in mind I started a DIY project a few months back to store my growing collection of blushers!

I took a sturdy cardboard box (rectangular in shape) and cut it into half horizontally. This gives you two rectangular storage containers.

I then took a gift wrapping paper and wrapped the container and voila! My storage container for my blushers was ready!

I then made a few of these and used them as compartments in my drawer. I cut the outer box of my lens solution box and kept the brushes I use for applying blushers and for contouring my face in this. 

This way save a lot of time searching a blush you want and keeping the brushes with it also lessens the time of searching!

Hope you liked the DIY! Leave your suggestions and feedback below! J

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