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Kareena Kapoor Inspired Thick Arabian Eye Makeup Tutorial

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Upasana (Entry # 5)

Hi all !!

This tutorial is not for soft heart people 😀 , and this is because its mostly suitable for cover shoots and editorial contents. However, you can wear this eye makeup if you’re into thick eyeliner, and are bold enough to carry it off. And if you’re not comfy wearing the ‘thick’ liner, you can of course tone it down.

Here’s the reference picture, and I have no clue what exact eyeshadow she’s wearing, cause the picture is not clear enough to be zoomed. This was more of a guess work for me J

So I aimed in getting a clear skin around eyes, in order to get that perfect thick Arabian style liner.

Firstly I primed my lids by blending a tiny drop of inglot duraline, I have no idea what prompted me to do, but it turned out nicely, and helped getting a smooth surface to help blending of eyeshadow.

Then I sealed the lid using my compact. You can use any eyeshadow that is close to your eyelid color. I wanted same tone, that’s why I used my powder foundation to even the skin tone.

Then I blended a tiny amount of concealer on my under eye area, and sealed it in with the same compact, making sure no space is left bare, because if it did it would show easily.

Then I took a flat angled eyeliner brush, dipped it into gel liner, and drew boundary around my eye’s natural shape, Whereas on my lower lash line, I drew a line maintaining a good distance from the lashes. On the edges of the eyes, I made pointed lines, to get that Arabian style.

After drawing the boundaries, I filled it in with the same gel liner.

Then I took a purple eyeshadow, and brushed it just along the liner on my upper lash line. To get a bit of blingy, still edgy look I used another purple eyeshadow that had glitters in it, and brushed it on top of previous purple eyeshadow. If you have a purple eyeshadow with a pearlescent finish, or even a pigment can be fine. In fact instead of purple, you can use anything you want to J

Here’s a swatch of main things I used :-

This is the final look, if I had an option, I would draw a thin line on the bottom lashes, because I already have big eyes 😛
Products used :-

Inglot Duraline (not pictured – used as base)
MAC studio fix powder foundation (nc42)
Loreal true match concealer
Maybelline Colossal kajal
Lashem Double Trouble mascara
MAC black track fluidline
Myface Cosmetics Blingtone eyeshadow (purple haze)

Godbless J

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