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Oil Cleansing Method (OCM)

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Arpita (Entry # 3)                   

Hi girls!

I, Arpita, (I guess you have become familiar with me these days ;)) have brought out a new article. 

This article is about Oil cleansing method also called OCM as a short form.  Usually 4/5 part of Extra Virgin Olive Oil is mixed with 1/4th part of castor oil to do this process. This article is an entry for the glitter and gorgeous giveaway J

I guess most of you will be thinking what this is all about and what about oily skin? Can oily skinned beauties also use this method? The answer is YES! Read on to find out about OCM J


Normal skin– Normal skinned beauties can mix the standard proportion of 20% castor and 80 % of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Dry skin– Use 10 % of Castor and 90% of Olive oil to proceed with this method 🙂

Oily skin– I guess all of you would be curious to know about this one … Oily skinned girls need to mix 30 % of Olive oil and 70 % of castor oil

Remember note:
Castor oil is necessary to do this process. But olive oil can be replaced by Sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil or even coconut oil!

Oil Cleansing Method: Benefits
  • It is completely natural, free from any harmful chemicals.
  • Gives a healthy glow to your face as it gives you back the essential oils your face was robbed of after using those harsh facial washes.
  • Safe and cost effective.
  • This method also removes makeup.
  • This process itself does all the cleansing work so you do not need to wash your face with any facial washes.

Oil Cleansing Method: Steps

  1. Firstly, you need to mix the oil as per your skin type. The proportions have been stated above.
  2. Get some hot water and keep it ready as you will need to steam in the process.
  3. Apply the mixed oil on your face and massage smoothly and gently. You should only do the process if you have time in your hand and not in a hurry.
  4. Do the massaging with circular motions.
  5. Take a wash cloth or soft towel and soak it in hot water that was kept ready.
  6. Put the cloth on your face and take some rest. Wait till the cloth cools on its own.
  7. After the cloth cools, again dip it in hot water and place it on your face and relax till it cools.
  8. Slowly wipe your face with the cloth to remove the oil from your skin.    
  9. If your face feels dry, you can use a drop of oil to massage on your face. Please don’t scrub your face at all during this process. If your face feels oily, you can spatter some warm water on your face.

Oil Cleansing Method: Details

Remember oil is also produced by your own face that gives you those zits. Pimples are also formed due to hormonal imbalance, environmental stress, etc. So don’t fear to put oil on your face. 
Oil cleansing method is safe and is natural and won’t cause any permanent damage to your skin.  
Oil also protects and lubricates your skin making it soft and supple. 
Oil also dissolves oil. So the oil you use to clean your face will dissolve the impure oil that was hardened with dust particles or other solid materials and was present in your pores.                                                         

Why we used the steam?

Steam has been used in the Oil cleansing method to remove the excess oil from your face and not make it look too much oily. Steam also helps to open the pores of your skin making it easy to extract out the impurities in your pores.              

Why 2 types of oils were used?

Olive oil is the not so thick miraculous secret we all trust on for eye makeup removal and for moisturizing the skin at night. It prevents wrinkles too. Olive oil makes the skin pliable and moisturized. 
Castor oil is a little thick in consistency and helps in the prevention of zits. But too much castor oil should not be used and the castor oil should be thinned with the olive/sunflower/jojoba/coconut oils that are thin in nature, always.

Any cons of this procedure?

Without much talking I will straight away write the cons of this procedure that are very less in number. I guess this procedure is safe for all of us. It is natural so what’s the harm in trying?  Here are the cons-
  • May give a few zits in the beginning and make the face too greasy. But this has been considered normal. But if you get too many of them after doing this process 2- 3 times and still you are getting zits, try to change the oil as they may be causing irritation to your skin.
  • May cause a bit of redness initially.
  • Takes more time and effort than using the face washes.

Oil Cleaning Method: Final tips                

Please don’t use this process too frequently. Use it once a week.
The redness will become fine after sometime. The redness is caused as the skin has been cleared off completely of the impurities that were in your skin for such a long time.
Keep your mind calm while doing this process.

Well, girls I hope you like my article about this method. I have explained it in a bit of detail as this is for your face. I have listed every possible aspect as you may feel skeptical about it if I only listed a few things and the procedure.

Take care ^_^ Bye and miss me ^_^

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