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The Body shop Dreams Unlimited Body Butter Review

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Samannita (Entry # 3)


Today my review is on The Body shop Dreams Unlimited body butter. I live in Kolkata where the weather is quite hot and humid one. And as my skin is normal one so I never thought to use any body butter .i use body lotion only in winter…but as I saw in an online site (style craze.com) that they are offering 30% off on this body butter I decide to buy it!

OMG! The product amount is so less! 50 ml costs Rs.465/-

But after using it I found that the body butter is just awesome! as it light in texture. Easily absorbed and a nice smell (a fruity one I guess) lingers on and on for hours. 

And the most amazing thing is it is sweat proof. I mean despite of hot and humid climate it remain sweat proof! And I found for first time my body so smooth!!!…really I didn’t expect so much from this product!


  • The smells last really long!
  • Easily absorbed in skin leaving a soft and smooth skin.
  • Require small amount. I am using this small tub for last 2 months regularly still I have some more left.


  • Expensive.
  • I wish the amount must little more!
  • As it comes in a tub container so little unhygienic.

Will I buy it again? Yes, despite of these cons I will buy it again and again as I just fell in love with it! 

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