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Aromaz Rose Water Mist Review!

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Claims about Aromaz Rose Water Mist:
The purely rose aroma mist! It instantly soothes and relaxes the tired and dull skin. Helps to moisturize and instantly tightens up and provides an immediate burst of refreshment. Promotes a radiant, refreshed and translucent skin and also takes care of tan. The aroma helps to de-stress and soothes the nerves.

Spray it as frequently as you need. Must use after cleansing. For better results, keep it in refrigerator. Morning and evening usage will keep the pH balance perfect.

Key Ingredients:
Aqua, Rose Extract, Menthol, Glycerine.

Price and Quantity:
Rs.30 for 50 ml quantity

Experience with Aromaz Rose Water Mist:
Aromaz Rose Water Mist has a very stylish packaging with a spray nozzle. The bottle is very light pink in color. The rose water also looks very attractive in the spray bottle.
Aromaz Rose Water Mist contains menthol; hence it gives a great cooling effect to the skin when used. My skin gets a refreshed feel. The spraying of rose water gives a better feel than dabbing it using cotton.

You will have to close your eyes tightly when you are spraying on your face. Else, it gives a hell of experience. Aromaz Rose Water Mist can be used either on its own as a face spray or it can be mixed with face packs to form the liquid base.
Overall a good buy.
Pros of Aromaz Rose Water Mist:
  • Spray nozzle gives a great refreshing feel.
  • Menthol ingredient gives a cooling feel to the skin.
  • A good skin  refresher
  • Very cheap in price.
  • Can be mixed with face pack powders.

Cons of Aromaz Rose Water Mist:
  • Irritates eyes very badly if sprayed into eyes.

Will I repurchase Aromaz Rose Water Mist?  Yes.

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