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Pink & Purple Nail Art Tutorial

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Lee Bee (Entry # 1)

Hello Beauties,
This is my first post on G&G and im very excited about it.
Today Im going to do a very simple nail art tutorial inspired my two favourite colours-Pink & Purple. You don’t need any nail art tools for this and even a beginner can easily do this.
Products Required:
1 Pink Nail Polish
1 Purple Nail Polish
1 Top Coat
French Tip Guides
Step 1
Apply 2 coats of the pink NP as a base coat. Let it dry for a few mins.

Step 2
Place the guide across the nail to divide the the nail tip from the rest of the nail.

Step 3
Then apply a coat of Purple NP to the nail tip from one side to the center, then from the other side to the center.

Step 4
Allow the Purple NP to dry completely. Gently lift the guide off the nail.

Step 5
Next, Using the purple NP apply 3 dots in a triangular shape with a toothpick on the corner of the nail. Ive applied the dots only on the nail but if you have longer nails then you can apply pink dots on the tips at the other side ie if you are applying purple dots on the nail at the left corner then pink dots should be applied on the tip at the right corner.

Step 6
Apply a top coat to make you nail art last longer.
Ta Da, here’s the final look.
Products Used

Colorbar Nail Laquer-Sizzling Pink 24
Colorbar Nail Laquer-Grape Sangria 04
Street Wear Top Coat
Bonjour French Tip Guides

<3<3 You can buy French tip guides manufactured by Konad from Urabantouch. I would’nt recommend using a cello tape instead as it leaves a sticky residue which is very annoying to remove.
Hope you all found this simple nail art tutorial helpful and easy to try <3

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