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Black & Blue Smokey eye makeup tutorial

A Sleek & Inglot Giveaway Entry by Upasana (Entry # 1)
Hi all J
Today I’ll be doing a standard Black & blue smokey eye makeup tutorial, except for the fact that the black is matte shade and blue is pearly πŸ˜‰ therefore a black and blue smokey eye makeup with a twist. This is fairly simple tutorial, just a messy blending required J 
I started by blending a white eye pencil all over the lid, after which I lined my eyes heavily with a charcoal colored eye pencil.

After that I took a sponge-based blending brush, and smudged the liner pulling it up. Then I took the same brush and set the liner with a charcoal black eye shadow to prevent it from smudging.

Then I took a fluffy brush, and used a pearl finish turquoise blue eye shadow just above the area where the black ends. Blend it out softly, this will serve as a guide.

Using same brush, I mixed charcoal black and turquoise blue eye shadow to achieve a dark base of both the colors, and blended right over the guide we marked with the blue eye shadow. Keep blending and following that guide.

Then I marked the inner corner with a white eye pencil, blended it and set with a matte white eye shadow. This will act as a highlight.

Following the same technique I highlighted my brow bone.

Then I lined my water line with a black kohl pencil, used a mascara and cleaned the edges with a concealer. I skipped lining my upper lashes, cause its already too dark, but in case you need the feel to do so, you can do it with a soft hand J

Products used
1. Sleek acid i-divine eyeshadow palette
2. Nyx jumbo eye pencil- milk
3. L.A colors smokey eye pencil
4. Colossal kajal
5. Lashem Double Trouble Mascara

You can either contour your face a bit, or can use a very pale pink blush on cheeks, and a pink lip combination. J Hope you like the tutorial..
Godbless ! J

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