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My Nail Polish Stash :) – Part 01

I love nail polishes  and have been collecting them since long time and here is my nail polish stash.

I cannot call it a collection, since this is nothing compared to the collection other divas have around here in the blogosphere J

I love to keep my things in an organized way and I have my nail stuff separated in to two separate sections, In Part 1 I will show you the nail polishes that I have and in Part 2 I will show you my nail art stuff and the polish remover (acetones), nail wheels etc J
So here is my nail polish stash and this how I organize and store them J

I have three (Yellow, Pink & Red), 3 tier racks and I have segregated the polishes based on the brand. I initially stored it based on the color but that took a lot of extra space due to different bottle sizes. So this proved to be more effective, comfortable and easy method for storing all of them in less space and in a more organized way J

The yellow Rack J

In the first tier I have more of glitter polishes, from brands like LA colors, NYX, Faces, Beauty UK, and I also have the Konad special stamping nail polishes here.

In the second tier, I have all clear nail polishes, top coat, base coat, nail treatment stuff from brands like Revlon, Sally Hansen, Beauty UK, Elle 18, Oriflame & Avon

In the third tier, I have the polishes sent for review, and stuff I got from blog sale except for the L’Oreal one which was a gift from my friend J this has Viviana & Colorbar nail polishes.

The Pink Rack J

In the first tier, I have all Avon nail polishes, the quick dry, pro plus, and matte variants J

In the second tier I have nail polishes from brands like VOV, faces, sally Hansen & Lakme

In the third tier I have polishes from Maybelline, Amway, Revlon, Lakme, NYX, Elle 18, Lotus & Tips & Toes

The Red Rack J

In the first tier, I have my china glaze crackle nail polishes, OPI, Ambika Pillai, Bourjois, NYX glitter & Sally Hansen

In the second tier, I have all my Avon simply pretty nail polishes, Orly minis & Sinful colors

In the final tier, I have all my Elle 18 polishes, Nerds scented polishes, Oriflame, Avon & Eyetex polishes J

And look what I got in mail today J  lol more nail polishes from the new Avon range J

So this is my Nail Polish Stash girls  J  I know I do not own a lot of brands but I am sure I would collect them soon J So you guys liked my stash? Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section below  J

Happy Independence Day  J

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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