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CREACLIP – The Clip that does wonders!! – Review and Photos!

A little about the Creaclip and the inventor J

CreaProducts LLC, a product development and consulting firm that inspires and delivers innovative and creative products that enrich the consumer’s quality of life.

Mai Lieu is President, CEO and founder of CreaProducts LLC. As an inventor and entrepreneur with 15 years experience in the beauty industry, she’s won more than 7 first-place international hairdressing awards. 

She has worked and trained in the USA, Canada, China, and Europe. Mai has advanced training with top Academies under Vidal Sassoon, Toni & Guy, Sebastian and Wella.

In 2008 she was recognized in Cambridge’s Who’s Who as one of the top 4 business women chosen out of 500,000 businesses. She was also nominated for Best New Product of the Year for 2008 & 2009 (by the Stevie Award for Women in business). WOWW!!

Creaclip helps you cut your hair at home, the style you wish and the way you want J

The day Creaclip reached my home, my aunt wanted to try it badly and hence I helped her cut her hair.

Since it was my first time using the Creaclip and especially on others, I was little nervous and I had to do some homework by watching the video tutorials and other blog posts on how to cut the hair etc.

After gaining some reasonable amount of confidence, I dared to try my hands on Creaclip.

Honestly guys, this Creaclip is very user-friendly J It does look a little “mysterious” at first sight, but the handling is totally fun and easy J

1. The comb, 2. The lock in open position which secures the hair tight, 3 & 4. The lock in closed position

Since my aunt’s hair was quite wavy, I had to flat iron it before the haircut, what I later thought I could have done was to wet the hair a little and blow dry, comb it with wide tooth hair-comb which will actually straighten the hair a bit, this would just be fine for the hair-cut! Anyways it’s totally up to you on which way you choose to straighten it a bit before the haircut!

Few basic instructions before you cut the hair are,
  • Use the Creaclip on clean, dry hair
  • Comb out all the knots and tangles
  • Use sharp hair cutting scissors
  • Sit or Stand straight up before getting haircut
  • The level is balanced when the bubble is between the two white lines

Okay, I first fixed a length approximately 4 inches, adjusted the Creaclip in the centre of the hair until it leveled up correctly, and then slid it to the desired 4 inches length.

Using a sharp cutting scissor, I used the Horizontal cuts method to cut the hair, this would actually give blunt ends to the hair (The vertical cut would give you a textured end)

The first time, I made a mistake, my aunt’s hair was quite thick and I had clipped the entire hair hence I had a tough time initially. Later I partitioned the hair in to two sections from ear to ear horizontally and worked on it, this time it was perfect J

So except for the first time mistake, it took me 20 mins to cut the hair, effortlessly J

There is a small clip that comes with the kit; it is good and handy for hair bangs. I didn’t get a chance to try it yet, but my Aunt has already taken it from me to use it on her daughter J

I gave her the small clip, just because I had won a Creaclip Pro and Creanails set in Pooja’s BBB giveaway JThe Creaclip Pro is nothing but the small clip that comes with the main kit. This is sold as a single piece as Creaclip Pro and it can be worked on bangs J

The Creanails is something which I can’t wait to try it on my nails; I will do a detailed review post later this month on the Creanails J

Creaclip – The Good:
  • One time buy, worth the money and quite economical
  • Cleaning is very easy, just a toothbrush and a shampoo is enough to clean the clips J
  • Very handy, hence can be carried around easily (If required J)
  • Easy to use, saves time and money, one clip can be used by the entire family J

Creaclip – The Bad:
  • Can be bought only from their online site, though they ship worldwide, a visa/master card is required to buy it online
Creaclip retails for $29.99, the Creaclip Pro is available for $19.99 and the Creanails for $24.99

They can be bought online from the Creaproducts website, here

Overall I had a wonderful experience with the clip and I am totally recommending it you guys J

So have you used Creaclip before? If so how was your experience? Do share it in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J

PS: The main kit was sent by brand for review purpose and the Pro kit and Creanails was a prize I won on a giveaway. Please feel free to read the blog’s review policy in the disclaimer page here.

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