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A Budget Haul, Few Awards And Some Sweet “Thank you”s..!!

How crazy would you be when you wake up one day and realize that you have hoarded stuff just not for yourself but for the next few generations to come!!

I was seriously not happy with the stuffs I hoarded which I am sure would take ages to finish!!

I know I cannot live without shopping (and chocolates J) but I always have the choice and option to limit and control what I shop and my budget every month!

To begin with I restricted my shopping budget to Rs. 2000 per month! Anything and everthing I need has to fit in this tiny minuscule amount (If you are a hard core shopaholic like me – you will definitely (understand and) agree with me that this is a teeny weeny amount L)

This included skincare/bath & body and makeup stuff (including my review budget)

But not bad! I did well this time (with great difficulty of course!!) and look at what I bought J

Here is my “First Time In Life – Budget Haul” (Oh Dear God..!! I am such a spendthrift – shame on meL)

All items (unless stated otherwise) were purchased from violetbag.com, I feel comfortable with these guys and I love their service J. You can read my review on the website here!

Recently I have gone the herbal way and switched myself to Biotique and Himalayas as I feel I am treating my body with too much of chemicals than needed! 

Love all the stuff I bought here J some are new to me and some are refills very economical, yet effective!!

If You guys have any suggestions on any other best Biotique and Himalayas stuff available in market, please feel free to share them in the comments section below. I would love to try them out J 

So the total of this came up to Rs 744 J and I got a Himalayas lemon face wash as a free gift J

Next comes my Avon haul for this month! I bought just 2 lippies and solely to kill my temptation to buy more and for blog review purpose J

Avon Glazewear silky shine lipsticks in shade Coral Bliss and Sunset JLoving them and would review it soon J

These lipsticks were retailed at Rs. 259 each and I got both of these lipsticks for Rs. 440 J

And another sooper dooper wonderful purchase was from Erica’s new Beautyholic store JTo know more check out this link here J

I bought the following Purederm Face Masks priced at Rs.30 each JI already had the cucumber one so didn’t order that J

So with shipping it came up to Rs. 230

So my total shopping came up to Rs. 1414 (744+440+230) and I still have Rs.586 to spend  for this month J 

But no I am going to save up this money like my blogger friend Aarthi for some better high end makeup stuff J(You can read about Aarthi’s way of saving here J)

And now coming to the Awards part J

I would like to Thank Shilpa from Our External Worldand Revathy from Health and Beauty for these wonderful awards J sorry guys L I know it’s very late, but its always “better late than never” right J

And not many of you know, I had won a few giveaways recently and I have the prizes sent out to me on time and here is what I won J

I had won this wonderful VOV eye shadow palette from Divya’s Miss Enchanted blog Giveaway J

This is by far the “all colors lovely” eye shadow palette I own JThanks Divya J

This Neem and Tulsi Hand and body lotion smells amazing J Thanks Bhumika and Aloe Veda J

And Finally I have saved some great news for the last and here it is J

My Dear Sweetheart Blog has successfully completed its first year in this blogging world and I would like to take this opportunity to Thank each and every one of you who had been kind enough and supported my blog, showered your love and walked with me through this journey J

This past year was the best one in my life! Met many wonderful people and made lots of friends <3 learned e-good and e-bad J

Shared love and read a lot, slept less and spent a lot 

Joined Avon and Oriflame and became a boss on my own and earned some extra money too 

Gave Interviews, won contests and Giveaways 

I wish to re-live each of those moments again, but that is life, past is always a memory and I am glad I have loads of them to cherish 

Starting another new year with all your love and support. I am striving hard to give you all the best I have got J

Hope you guys would continue to support me the way you did the previous year – All I got to say is “You all rock..!!” 

Happy Birthday Dear Blog J

And yeah loads of exciting giveaways coming up on your way to celebrate this occasion JKeep watching this space and the Facebook page for more details J

Feel free to share your feedback and ideas to improvise my blog in the comment section below – I always encourage and love constructive criticism J

Take care and Thanks for reading (this lengthy post) J

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