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OASAP – High Street Fashion – Online Shopping Experience!

Oasapis a global online store dedicated to high-street fashion by offering various kinds of women’s apparel, bags, shoes, jewellery, accessories, etc. 
Oasapwas founded in late 2011 and they update more than 500 new products each week.
OASAP’S MISSIONis to make the customers close to the planet’s most cutting-edge fashion, no matter where they are or what class or age group they are in. Per OASAP – Pursuing fashion is the right of every woman!


  • Free shipping worldwide with speed and precision
  • Keep updating 100+ products every day in 2012
  • Streamline process of purchase and payment 
  • 30 Days Unconditional Return 
  • All their products are produced by formal factories which can guarantee the welfare and adequate rest of workers

Available Product Range:

Wow that’s a lot of promising information and a wonderful range of products! Isn’t it… With high hopes and expectations I placed my first order on May 3rd2012 and immediately I got a confirmation email with my order number and OASAPcustomer service contact number – Impressed!

After 2 days, on May 6th I received another email that my order has been shipped, I was provided with a tracking number but unfortunately the tracking number does not give much information once the order has been dispatched from the home country, but still if you want more information you can always contact them via email or visit their live chat anytime!

The payment options available are VISA/MASTER card and Paypal

From the tracking details I learned that the order has been dispatched from the home country on 9th of May. The stuff finally reached me on 17th May which was super quick J

The product was safely wrapped in a double polythene shipping Envelope and was properly sealed.

So this is what I bought from OASAP J

ChicBowknot Side Rings Detail Shoulder Bag – I just loved the bow knots at the sides and couldn’t resist myself from buying it J

It was priced at $30 (around Rs. 1680) and was available in 4 wonderful colors – Beige, Black, Brown and Yellow

I first wanted to buy the Beige one, since I already had a beige bag, I thought of trying the Black one J
You can check out this bag from OASAP website here,

Details about the Bag (from OASAP website):

The Shoulder bag crafted in PU, featuring rectangular shape, top zipped closure, twin grab handles fastening to the top with extended metal rings detailed straps, and bow knot embellished sides and long detachable shoulder strap.

My thoughts:

The bag is pretty sturdy! Quite Big enough to hold all necessary stuff and not so necessary stuff J

The zipper is strong and gives a classy look! The handle does not hurt when carried for a longer time, fully loaded! 

The detachable shoulder strap could have been little thick, because I find it too flimsy and it will definitely not last long when the bag is used often, fully loaded!

The metal detailing at the front and back and at the sides add a classy formal look to the bag!

This is one bag that can be carried well with any outfit, be it formal or chic evening club wear or as a casual shopping wear! Just perfect for all seasons!

Here is a pic of my chotu cousin posing with the bag J
She is my sweetie pie and the love of my life <3 (she just woke up from her evening nap and I clicked this pic when she was experimenting with the bag J)

The good about OASAP:

  • Free worldwide shipping with no minimum purchase required

  • Super Quick delivery and a good customer care support – with a live chat feature!

  • 500 plus new products added every week!

  • Add to wish list feature, easy multiple filter/select options feature

  • G+, FB like it, Pin it, tweet it feature!

  • The product price can be viewed/purchased in dollars, Euro and Pounds!

  • 30 days unconditional return policy

  • Easy payment and notification process

  • OASAP Thank You Points – where 1 point = 1 USD!  – Learn more here!

OASAP donation – Plan of supporting refugees and starving children
Oasap Donation will accumulate funds by two ways:
1. OASAP will draw off 1% from each paid order into fund pool, while the customer need not execute any extra payment
2. The customer can pay extra 0.5it may be $0.5, €0.5 or 0.5 according to the currency of your payment) when they checkout from OASAP order, this additional payment will also be put into fund pool.
  • Awesome Facebook contests and offers J

  • Cool gadget applications that can be used anywhere anytime!

Areas of improvement:
  • I know it is a fashion website, but would love to see few makeup/skincare products too J

  • A better tracking information system would be appreciated!

This website is awesome guys! Do check it out for yourself and I am sure you will love it J
OASAP ongoing promotions!
They are on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest!! Connect with them!!
Overall I had a wonderful experience with OASAPand I am sure you will love it too J
Have you tried shopping from OASAP before? If so how was your shopping experience? Do share it in the comments section below J
Take care and Thanks for reading!
PS: Used a store voucher for my purchase – This is my honest view on the website – Check them out for yourself – You will definitely agree with me J  

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