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Fruit of the Earth: Almond & Aloe Vera Hair Conditioner Review – Giveaway Contest Entry!

Hi everyone!!

The product that I am going to review now is from Modicare brand, fruit of the earth: almond & aloe vera hair conditioner for all hair types

The product as described in the website:

Nature’s miracle formula for soft, silky & shining hair. A delightfully fragrant after-wash formulation enriched with aloe vera, which adds bounce, gloss & sheen to your hair as well as protects them. regular use helps in easy styling & provides vital nourished.

Link to the website here – Modicare 

Ingredients:purified water,cetostearyl alcohol, almond oil,cetrimide, aloe vera gel, phenoxyethanol

Packaging: It comes in a cute little transparent plastic bottle

Consistency: Thick. you need to squeeze the bottle to remove content

Price: Rs.89 for 100ml

My take on this product:

I have been using this product for almost 2-3 years now. It does add a good amount of volume to your hair. It also smoothens your hair & helps in easy styling. But does add ‘gloss & shine’ to your hair. Fragrance is mild. I have noticed that it causes product build up (in 2-3 days) when I skip my daily hair wash routine (I have oily scalp). Also it makes my hair greasy if not used in right quantity.


  • Does not contain silicons
  • Adds volume
  • Smooths hair. Easy styling
  • Mild fragrance (I hate shampoos & conditioners with strong fragrance)
  • Travel friendly bottle
  • Comes in transparent bottle. Helps to keep track of remaining quantity in the bottle

  • Does not impart shine to your hair
  • Makes my hair greasy if not used in right quantity
  • Product build up in 2-3 days (My friend has dry hair she did not notice build up)
  • As it is thick in consistency, it is difficult to remove content from the bottle
  • Price-it is Rs.89 was just 100ml. Dove is 70 something for 200ml
  • Also flip top is sometimes difficult to remove
  • Major con- available only through Modicare agents

My rating: 3.75/5

Overall verdict:

I really like this conditioner. I like the way it smoothens & add volume to my hair. I have not experimented with conditioners so far & don’t intend to also. I can’t compare it with other conditioners but it is way better than the dove conditioner (blue) I used to use before.

Would i recommend?

Yes. It’s worth trying if you can find a Modicare consultant in your facility

Will I repurchase?

Yes. Like I have been for past 2-3 years

Hope you like the review.

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