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Some updates…

Hey girls, hope you are all doing great J

So one fine evening, one of my fellow blogger friend Divya (Miss Enchanted) congratulated me saying that she loved my Interview! 

Ohh wait… My Interview?? and that’s when I saw this email from Stylecraze J

Check out my Interview here girls J  and you can check Stylecraze website here, and they have a wonderful community where you can share and discuss anything and everything beauty J  

You can join their community here !! J

Thanks to Chetana and the entire Stylecraze team for making my day J

And for those who love Ponds Tinted Moisturizer, Stylecraze has started a wonderful initiative called Petition to getback our Favourite Tinted Moisturizer!!”

HUL, the mother brand has decided to take it off the shelf because it is not getting them enough profit! (duh !!)

So we need to let HUL know our love towards this tiny wonder product! For that all we need is 5000 signatures and if you want to sign the petition please click the link below and spread the word!

Click here to sign the petition !! 

And last but not the least for those who said money can’t buy happiness 😉


PS: I will be back with some serious blogging starting June J 

Till then Take care and Thanks for reading J 


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