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Jovees Veg Peel Review – Giveaway Contest Entry!

by Sindhu – Entry 2

Hello guys!!! I’m back with my second post. I must say I loved doing my first post and that gave me the rush to do another one. While the last post was an outfit post, today I’ll be reviewing a product. I chose to review my new buy, JOVEES VEG PEEL.

It’s a face pack to minimize scars, acne and pimples and bring instant brightness to the face.

The product is extremely useful to minimize scars (caused by acne, pimples, burns, tanning and pigmentation) & helps to remove black heads, dead epithelial cells & bring glow to the skin. Use twice a week for optimum results.

Almond powder, henna powder, yeast powder, wheat grain.

The product mentions that it is supposed to be mixed with rose or cucumber toner to make a thin paste. but I used it with rose water. 
The face should be clean before use. 
The paste has to be applied on the face and neck and you should massage for approx 3 min. 
It contains little beads which kind of scrubs your face. 
Leave the pack on for 10 min. After 10 min remove the pack with water and then use a toner to take out the excess dirt and voila!!! You are done J


The packaging of the product is fine. The thing I dint like was that the powder is put inside a packet which makes it very messy while opening, but otherwise for the price asked the packaging is fine.

The product did not have any bad reaction on my face after use, though it was a little itchy(but that happens to me because my skin is extremely damaged and it means the product is working). After I took off the pack, I could see the result in just one use. it did brighten my face. for a skin like mine, it’s very difficult to have such a good reaction. But mine did feel glowing after using this.

The only thing I hated was its smell!!! It’s not a bad smell but a strong smell, and I’m extremely allergic to this smell. I could feel the odor even when I was sleeping (may be because I’m a lil OCDish 😛 )


RS 165 for 100G .
But I purchased it from stylecraze.com for Rs 140.

  • PRICE-it’s very reasonable.
  • Instant glow
  • Good quantity
  • Very good for oily skin, as it does not leave your skin sticky.
  • Does remove scars (don’t expect the result to be there in just one use though).


  • Very strong smell
  • Packaging (it’s a little messy)
  • Availability- I don’t know if it’s retailed anywhere else. You can buy it online very easily though.

WILL I REPURCHASE? Yes definitely, once this pack gets over.


I hope it helps and you liked my review.

Sindhu J

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