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Vedic Line Green Apple Toner Review – Giveaway Contest Entry!

by Bhavna Pande – Entry 1
Hello all hope you guys are doing well. I am reviewing my favorite toner from Vedic Line here, hope you guys like it too.


What the seller claims:
Get that blemish free glowing skin.

Enriched with natural fresheners, it tones and freshens the skin. It helps reducing minor marks and blemishes and brings a refreshing glow.
How to Use:
Dab a little with the help of a cotton pad on cleansed face.

Quantity:  200 ml

Price: Rs. 190

Ingredients: Water, Propylene Glycol, Witch Hazel and Green Apple extract.


What I like:
  • The packaging
  • The cute nozzle to spray it on cotton
  • The smell (green apple)
  • Feels refreshing after using it
  • The quantity of the product


What I dislike:
  • I personally love the product but people who don’t like the smell of green apple will not like it because the smell is quite overpowering  to my nose 😛 But I like this smell J
  • Not available in any store nearby me but I got this from Urban Touch ( won it in a giveaway J )

My verdict: 4.7/5

Will I buy it next time:Yes I will buy it for sure. I love the smell of green apple and it’s refreshing

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