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Oriflame Very Me Funky Eye Pencils – Review and Swatches!

These pencils were introduced in this month’s brochure and seeing the drool worthy brochure pictures, I dint read a review or had a second thought and straight away placed my order for all the five shades!

Thank God the purple one was out of stock! 

Yes, you read it right – I said “Thank God” because you will know the reason by the end of this post J

First of when I received my parcel I was sooper excited and the moment I saw these I was like “Holy Moly! Did I pay 500 bucks for this!!!”

Ok, I swatched it on my hand and the color payoff was ok. So the next day I planned to wear the blue one to office and I had just 5 mins left to catch my office bus (yes I rush at the last minute) and I was trying to wear this one and Oh Man!! Seriously I tried and tried and tried, swiped very hard like 10 times and after all the tug-of-war, I was just able to see a little hint of color on my lids! 

Finally I dropped the idea of applying this liner and picked up my faces one and just one swipe, as you all know that sweetheart never fails to impress me J

And that night I thought of checking all the other colors because I know the swatches looked good on my hand and I had a doubt that if I got the old stock – no I checked the date and it was quite a fresh piece!

So I started experimenting with all the colors and this is my final observation,

These pencils are by far the worst eye pencils I’ve ever used till date!

Size comparison with Avon UCR lipstick and Avon Glimmer stick eyeliner 
Full quantity comparison with a new unused Avon Glimmer stick eyeliner (left)
The color payoff is horrible, on hand it takes at least 10 hard swipes back and forth for the color to show up and forget about the color showing up on lids!! I literally damaged my lids that night experimenting these and all left was painful lids!

Staying power – are you kidding me, only if I can get the color on my lids I would know if stays well or not – this tiny dud does nothing!

Holding is another big problem, this is so teeny weeny that you cannot hold them at the right angle, or for that matter any angle to apply the liner!

If you lose the cap that’s it all gone, firstly it’s hard to find the cap and secondly the retractor is pretty loose that the product would just fall off!!

The only good thing I would say about this liner is that the product did not react in a bad way on my eyes – may be because the application process itself hurts the most!

Flakes badly!  Just in the process of taking the pictures I lost most of the liner!

So by now you know why I said “Thank God” because at least I saved some money!!

Please do not get these even if someone offers them free of cost!! It’s totally not worth it!

I am sure for getting the look Dasha has sported in this pic below, they would have used at least a dozen liners J J

Quantity and Price: 0.17 g for Rs 179 (Introductory price was Rs 119)

I already had a bad experience with Oriflame eye pencils which I had shared earlier here, so this time Oriflame failed to impress again!

Have you tried these liners? If so how was your experience? Please let me know in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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