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MAC, Bourjois and NYX – 300 Followers International Giveaway! **CLOSED**

This Giveaway has ended and winners have been announced here !!

Halo Gorgeous Girls J

I am happy to announce my “MAC, Bourjois and NYX – 300 followers International Giveaway” and I would like to take this opportunity to thank each one of you for all your love and support!!

This giveaway is open to all my followers and there will be 3 lucky winners this time and the prizes are,

Prize option 1

MAC “Amber Lights” Eye shadow and
MAC “Twig” Lipstick
Prize option 2
Bourjois “Rose Eclat” Blush
Bourjois “Intense 08” Eye shadow and
Bourjois Kohl and Contour Eyeliner pencil in “Bleu Original”
Prize option 3
NYX runway collection 10 color Eye shadow pallet in “Strike A Pose”
The first winner will get to choose her prize among the 3 options, once she chooses her prize the second winner will be contacted and she can choose among the remaining 2 prize options and once she selects her prize, the last remaining prize would go to the third winner!
Once the prize is chosen, it cannot be changed at any cost!!
The rules are simple guys,
Please read them carefully before you enter – entry not following the rules will automatically be disqualified!
This giveaway is open internationally so anyone and everyone can enter J
You must be 18+ OR have parental consent to enter
Please use the FORM below to enter. Only entries in the form will be counted as valid entries.
The giveaway will end on April 30th 2012 10 PM IST. You have ample time guys J the first winner will be chosen and notified by email. The winner will have 24 hours to respond and select her prize; else another winner will be selected. Same drill for the second and third winners! Once all the three winners confirm their prizes, the names will be formally announced on my Blog, Facebook and Twitter J

To Enter:
Mandatory Entry:
You MUST be a follower of this blog via GFC (Google Friend Connect) (+1)
[Click on the ‘Join this site’ via GFC blue button on the top left sidebar]
You MUST be an Active Email subscriber to enter (+2)
[Once you enter your valid email address in the “Follow by email” form in the top left sidebar, you will get a confirmation email from feed-burner. Please click the link in your feed-burner mail to confirm your subscription. Only then you will be an ACTIVE subscriber!]

BONUS Entries:
Follow me on Facebook here! (+2)
Update your status with the following message tagging [@Glitter and Gorgeous](http://www.facebook.com/pages/Glitter-andGorgeous/265200186856152) “Enter [@Glitter and Gorgeous](http://www.facebook.com/pages/Glitter-and-Gorgeous/265200186856152) 300 Followers MAC, Bourjois and NYX International Giveaway, http://tinyurl.com/6ofmh4a !”
Follow me on twitter here(+2)
Tweet the following and mention the link in the form (+1)
“Enter @placidstream G&G International giveaway to win MAC, Bourjois and NYX goodies! Enter here, http://tinyurl.com/6ofmh4a
[Click on the timeline below your tweet which says ‘1 min ago’ or something similar and it will take you to a new page, please copy the page link and enter it in the form below]
Write a post on this giveaway on your blog (link back to this post) (+5)
Post about this giveaway on your sidebar (link back to this post) (+3)
BONUS Surprise J
Yes! you can write a review/article for G&G for additional entries J each published article will get 10 additional entries J Isn’t that cool J
You can choose any topic you wish, but please make sure that it was not reviewed in G&G before J be creative, submit your original entry with clear/original photos to Rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.comor contact@glitterandgorgeous.com
The person with maximum articles submitted will get a surprise Avon and Oriflame goody bag J J
Rules for writing the article J
(based on doubts/questions from readers)

  • An article/post could be anything related to beauty and fashion. Possible topics have been listed below, you can choose anyone of them or if you wish to choose your topic, please check with me before sending your post.

  • Any Beauty/makeup product review

  • Makeup tutorials

  • Nail art tutorials (NOTD – Nail of the day)
  • Compilation of makeup/beauty/fashion tips (it must be a compilation of atleast 5 tips with supporting pictures)
  • Fashion OOTD/LOTD (outfit of the day or Look of the day) posts.

  • The article/post/review should be minimum of 300 words – exceptions are OOTD/NOTD/LOTD or tutorial videos only.

  • Please add atleast 2 original pictures and please send the pictures as a separate attachment – exceptions are tutorial videos and makeup/fashion/beauty tips where you can use the supporting pictures from Internet but please make sure to provide the picture source link.

  • Please make sure that the product you are reviewing is not reviewed in G&G or any other blog before. Please do not send articles that you have submitted for other blogs as part of their giveaway. 

  • Finally, G&G is Glitter & Gorgeous 🙂

Also I conducted a fun “guess the prize” game sometime back J all of them who took time and commented on the post would get 2 entries each J
So good luck guys J for any questions/doubts/feedback and suggestions contact me here! Or drop me an email at Rekha.sriramagiri@gmail.comor contact@glitterandgorgeous.comJ
Take care and Good Luck J


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