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Blisscovered – February 2012 – What’s in my box?

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Hope you are all doing well. I was stuck up with too many things this month so please excuse my frequent MIA routine 😛

Blisscovered – So what did I get this month, to be honest – Nothing Great guys! 

Yeah I was disappointed with my Bliss box this month!  I was happy when I first read the card that said, “This month, with winter melting away, we’ve included in your box a hint of summer – flashes of color, a little sparkle and lighter moisturizers

The moment I read “Flash of colors” “summer” and “little sparkles” all that flashed in my mind was bright summery corals, oranges, yellows and greens! But the moment I opened the box all I saw was dark blue, pale cream, whites and sea salts!!

“Ok I shouldn’t lose heart, come on what’s there in color, it’s the product that actually matters!” I told myself! (Just a heart consoling thought)

Ok so what did I get, here is my list for this month!

H2O+ Spa – Sea salt hydrating body butter

Guys, I need to confess something at this point of time! 

“I hate the smell of algae and anything to do with algae and its family!” [I know I sound rude but I am a hater and this is how I am supposed to sound like L

Since it was a H2O product, I tried it on my hands. Though at first the algae odor (I am a hater!) was disgusting, later I felt the smell subsided down to a bearable buttery smell. Surprised! Not bad! 

PS: It was actually not very moisturizing! I have used body butters which are far better than this!

Next, was Omved – Tired foot soak

I use the Tea tree oil foot soak from Earth Therapeutics, and this is something similar to that. A decent alternate, as ET is not available in India! Happy J

Third was CK – One shock (for her) perfume vial

Serially it was a shock when I tried this perfume on me. I have used CK Eternity love and actually liked that fragrance but this one is not my kind. It’s an overpowering, strong and very ”Oh-I’ve-smelled-this-before” type fragrance!  Not Happy L

Moving on, the next product on my list was Chambor – Stay-on waterproof eye pencil in Navy blue

Ok now this was the funniest part of all, the title says Navy blue (which is supposed to be a dark blue per the pencil outer color) and the information card also said the same “Midnight blue/almost black” (I guess these are the new summer colors according to Blisscovered this year :P) but look at the color Jit’s actually a deep teal blue 😀 anyways I am okay with this as long as it’s a nice wearable blue J 

I was trying to wipe it off my hands as soon as I clicked the picture and then I realized that it said “waterproof” and I was able to wipe it off just with my fingers with zero efforts!! Strange! Anyways I cannot comment more on the staying power without actually testing it on my eyes at least for a couple of days! So I will do a detailed review soon J 

Liner wiped off just with my fingers 🙂 

also one last thing! These are not retractable! J

Ok last but not the least (Seriously J) I got this Shiseido – White Lucent Brightening and balancing softener

This is basically a toner and this is my first try on this brand Shiseido and since its from Japan I am so excited to use this (Don’t ask me why, I seriously don’t know JI just like Japan and in fact that’s the reason I learned Japanese)

So did I like this month’s bliss box? Frankly speaking not really! Except for Shiseido and Omved I dint find anything interesting L

If you wish to try Blisscovered check them out here! It will cost you Rs. 700 per box/per month J

So did you get your Blissbox this month? If so, what was your favorite/exciting product Jdo let me know in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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