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Avon Royal Ruby Drop – Necklace & Earrings Set – Sneak peek!

My friend recently bought this Necklace set and we really had a hard time looking for the actual pictures of the set in the internet, before ordering this! 

As it was 2000 bucks, we didn’t want to take risk! Since we did not find any review/photos of this set, after a lot of thinking we finally took risk and ordered it!

So this is what the set actually looks like J For the benefit of Glitter & Gorgeous readers I am posting the actual pictures of this set so that you can decide it for yourself J

The chain is quite sturdy and thick and the ruby stone looks to be of good quality (I am not a pro to comment on the quality, this is just my thoughts based on my personal look/feel at the set)

The ruby part of the neck chain is quite delicate and has to be handled with care!

The Earrings are quite sturdy but I didn’t like the plastic screw for the earrings, they could have given a metal one instead!

That’s it guys, sit back and enjoy the pictures J and do share your thoughts about this set in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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