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Daily Desserts and A Sweet Thank You :)

I ordered these lovely chocolates, cake pops and donuts from Daily Desserts last week and got them delivered yesterday J

For those who have not heard about Daily Desserts, it’s a dessert shop run by Deepika Mohan (A very talented blogger – check her blog Divassencehere J) and she can be contacted via her Daily Desserts Facebook page here!

Seriously I loved the chocolates, they are yummy… Delicious… Scrumptious… luscious… OMG!! I am seriously running out of words!!! JJ

The cake pops concept was something new to me, I had ordered for red velvet with chocolate frosting and assorted toppings. Believe me these are too good J Loved the idea and taste J

The Donuts were good; I had bought a mix of sugar coated and chocolate coated donuts with some assorted toppings J

Thanks a lot Deepika J Loved all the stuff and the packing was too good J

I felt really bad that I couldn’t meet you that day LA very important work had come up at the last minute which I really couldn’t avoid! But this is just my first order, so hope to meet you soon J (btw here is a compliment from my mom – “Your friend is very beautiful” and she specifically asked me to convey it to you while I was writing this article J)

Thanks again Deepika… love you loads J


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