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Amuse Eye shadow Pencil – Pink – Review!

This eye shadow pencil can be used both ways, as an eye shadow and as well as a highlighter!

I bought this recently from Cherryculture for $2 and was not having great hopes on the quality when I ordered it!

You can see how the model in the picture has used this well
as an eye shadow and as a highlighter
No shade name!!
The Pink shade I saw online was a little darker compared to the one I received. Since the shade name was available only on the outer carton and not on the shadow, I am still not sure if this is the right pink shade that I ordered! Nevertheless I am quite happy because the shade is pretty awesome Jit’s a nice frosted pink shade and I prefer using it as a highlighter more than an eye shadow J 

Without blending 2 swipes 
It blends well and staying power is quite decent. I have oily lids so anything without a primer will be a total bummer for me! So this one worked well with/without my primer underneath!  Blending is easy, but make sure you don’t go overboard when using it as a highlighter!

Blended it to use as an eye shadow!
Blended it to use as a highlighter!
Price and Quantity

$ 2 or Rs 100 for 0.04 oz/1.5g

Not available in India L I bought mine from Cherryculture!



Available shades

12 shades

12 wonderful shades!

Guess what guys JI just realized that this is a dupe of NYX jumbo pencil strawberry milk Jyes you can see it for yourself J

The Good

  • Decently pigmented
  • Wide range of shades to choose from
  • Great price and good quantity
  • Staying power is good and
  • Blends easily!
  • Retractor type pencil, hence the amount of product to be used can be controlled!

  • The bottom end of the eye shadow stick is marked with the shade color making it easy to identify J

The Bad

Except for the availability, absolutely nothing, For the price its a great deal!! 

What more could you expect for $2 J

Glitter & Gorgeous Rating: 3.5/5

If you are makeup beginner/learner and looking for a cost effective highlighter  for your eye makeup, just go for this shade J

So what do you guys think about this eye shadow pencil? Did it amuse you Have you tried this before? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below J

Highlighter Tips:To highlight green eyes, utilize shades of browns and lavender. Brown hues work best for Blue eyes. For hazel eyes choose green, gold, brown, etc. Brown Eyes look fantastic with almost any color, but Blue hues look the best when trying to pop brown eyes.

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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