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A Glitter, Gorgeous and Glossy Giveaway!! – (GlossyBox India Giveaway) ****CLOSED****

This Giveaway is closed now and the Winner has been announced!! Check here!

Hey lovely Glitter & Gorgeous Girls  J Here is your chance to win the March GlossyBox absolutely free J  

GLOSSYBOX is a beautifully wrapped box containing a mix of five travel and full sized products, carefully curated by their experts. They have partnered not only with the world’s most admired and respected beauty and cosmetic houses, but also with luxurious Indian brands.
You can read more about GlossyBox here!
So here are the rules,
This giveaway is open only to Indian Residents.

You must be 18+OR have parental consent to enter

Please use the FORM below to enter. Only entries in the form will be counted as valid entries.

You can enter the giveaway only ONCE.


Complete this sentence 🙂
“I am Beautiful!, because __________”

Leave your answers in the comment section below

Guys.. Remember the winner will be chosen only based on the answer they provide and there is no random winner selection!! So please post your answer in the comment section otherwise your entry will be treated as invalid!!

The giveaway will end on February 17th10 PM IST. Remember the most creative answer chosen by me will get a GlossyBox March edition absolutely freeJ.

Good Luck everyone J


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  • I am beautiful because I have a natural beauty with perfect facial features combined with inner beauty of love, tender and joyful heart. I just know that I am beautiful whether anyone tell me or not!!

  • Entered !!I am beautiful because i know i'm not perfect, but my love for everything as well as people who love me irrespective of my imperfectness, makes me more beautiful !! I live life honestly, i try to make it simple for me.. I am beautifull ;))

  • I am beautiful because, I am self confident. My goals in my life and my hard work makes me a beautiful person, both physically and mentally and in all the ways.. I am beautiful because I love my parents and want to take care of them till my last breathe, this makes me a beautiful daughter..I am beautiful because, I am adamant towards my goals in life, I will never give up till I achieve them. This makes me a courageous beautiful..I am beautiful because, I love to be perfect in all the things which I like, from choosing a pen to choosing a carrier, this makes me perfect beautiful..I am beautiful because, I love fashion, skincare and these kinda this, Hence I take care of my skin like a baby's skin. This make me look beautiful.. :)I am beautiful because, I always accept my mistakes without any ego and I surely want to say a truth here, that I am a short temper 😛 This makes me a true beautiful..Other than all of these, I want to mark in this world, my name, by achieving a great thing in my field, and hence this makes me a Unique Beautiful 🙂 :)Hence, I am beautiful, Lancy is beautiful!! 🙂

  • I am beautiful because I don't try to hide my flaws. Its ok, if I have a pimple or two and I have a few scars on my arms, but then I carry it with pride coz that's what makes me, Me… I am not a poster or pin-up girl, I am a powerful, independent, sportive, outspoken woman who travels a lot and tries a lot of new adventurous things and falls down and carries the scars with pride!!!

  • I am Beautiful! because beauty is not made up of individual features, it is a complete set of features, both physical and mental, which perfectly complement each other. I guess I am one such lucky person to have the perfect set among many other beauties. 🙂

  • I am beautiful because I spread love and happiness around me, don't think negative thoughts, and have a carefree and joyful attitude towards life. I love myself for what I am and am quite content with what I have in life 🙂

  • im beautiful becos im a woman.im born with a bag of love by a bad of love.im beautiful becos someone very beautiful gave birth to me.im beautiful becos ppl around me love me n make feel so beautiful.im my parent's princess n my lover's beautiful queen.im beautiful,cos i am me 🙂

  • I am beautiful because I am beautiful from inside that is I am honest and simple. People around me make me beautiful, the way they adore me makes me beautiful. The way I love Myself makes me beautiful. My confidence and love around all around me makes me beautiful.Gift by God of this beautiful life makes me beautiful.

  • I am beautiful bcoz I am happy. The power and the joys of feminity make me happy. The sense of power when i tower in my high heels and the joy of creation when i experimnt with makeup makes me happy and as it is said "happiness is the key to beauty"

  • I am beautiful because I feel so. The essence of being beautiful lies in what you feel about yourself because you are the only person knows about what lies deep within you. I personally am satisfied with myself and feel that I am precious to the people who love me and love them back most genuinely.

  • i am beautiful because i know what i am and how i am and all ikno is that i have a beautiful soul and mind … These both together makes me beautiful and this is what my husband says be always that Jaan beauty doesn't only comes from the skin color, or how you look it is what you are and he also says that i have been blessed with all of of it i.e. Beauty in skin, color and from inside.. So that's why i can say yes I am Beautiful…

  • I am sorry but GlossyBox India has become the biggest joke. They cheated on us. Why did they continue on creating the hype knowing fully well that they still don't have any brands on board? They even announced the winners! They cheated. They are not a start-up. They should have imported products. They have been irresponsible and unprofessional. I will never trust them even if they come back again. I hope we have better options in India itself.