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Violetbag.com – Online Shopping Experience!

What is this life if, full of care,
We have no time to stand and stare!  

My all time favorite lines from the Leisure by W.H.Davies

Yes, this “no time” factor has become a universal problem and with all this running-in-race thamasha of life, time management has seriously become a nightmare for all of us.

Thanks to the power of Internet and the emerging trend of online shopping portals! These guys have totally made our lives easy J

Having shopped at n number of websites; it’s now time for some review JJ

So here is my review/online shopping experience with one such shopping 

website called VioletBag.com  

VioletBag.com is a pretty young online shopping website which is managed by a self-driven and committed team of IIT/IIM graduates. 

VioletBag.com brings the world’s finest brands in fragrances, skin care, cosmetics, hair care and beauty accessories to your dresser at the click of a single button.

Available Brands:

The website is quite user friendly! You can browse thru the products via the main sections like Fragrance, Skincare, Bath & Body, Hair care, Makeup, Herbal, Men, Accessories and Brands. Each Main section in turn has several sub sections, so getting to a specific product is quite easy and quick J

The intelligent search bar (like the Google auto fill one) makes the search easy J so If I need to look for a Maybelline eyeliner, I just type the word “Maybelline” or “eyeliner” and then all the available entries will be automatically listed and I can easily pick and choose one J

The product pricing is quite impressive. Most of them are available at a discounted price J in my current order I saved around 5 to 7% off on the MRP price which is quite decent!

So here is what I ordered J

Do let me know if you want me to review any of these products, I will be happy to review J

They have detailed information on each and every product like the key ingredients list, directions for use etc and there is even an option where one can write a review on that product J

Adding the products to cart is quite easy and multiple quantity of the same product can be added to the cart at the same time. Once you create your account (which is sooper easy) and add stuff to your cart, you can revisit them at any time that is the cart stuff stays intact and does not get refreshed once you logoff or close the browser until you place your order J

Shipping is free for orders above Rs. 250. Orders below Rs 250 will be charged at a flat shipping rate of Rs 50. Expedited shipping is also possible, if required J you just have to talk to their CC J

They ship only within India at the moment J

Mode of payment accepted:

Once you place your order a pdf invoice is generated and the same will be emailed to you for your reference. I find this convenient as I usually save all my shopping invoices in pdf (I will manually convert them to pdf L) So I was happy to see the pdf invoice here J

I placed my order on January 28th and it was a COD so they had called me for confirming my order. Since they couldn’t reach me on my mobile, they had sent me an email asking me to confirm the order, which I did promptly.

On 30th I received a call from them which I missed to attend and so they called me again on 31st and told me that one of the eyeliner shade I had ordered was not in stock and the one they had was an old stock item and they dint want to send me that (how sweetJ) and they asked me if I wish to choose another shade/product. 

So after all the confusion, I finalized my order on 31stJan and they shipped my order on 1st Feb via “Quantium Shipment” from Bangalore and the parcel reached me in good condition on 3rd of Feb (Chennai). So overall I was fine with the shipment and delivery time J

Note: I had ordered stuff before from VioletBag.comusing prepaid option where I placed the order on 13th Dec 2011 and the order was shipped on the same day and the stuff reached me on 15thJ

I love their packaging J the big sturdy violet box was neatly covered with a couple of layers of transparent sheet. The box was filled with small thermocole cubes and each and every product was bubble wrapped individually and carefully J

The products sent to me were all of recent manufacturing date and no spill and no broken pieces J

Everything reached me intact J

My suggestions:

  • More brands Jif possible more international beauty brands J
  • A wish list option J
  • If a product is out of stock, a “notify me when available via email” option will be great J
  • Free samples with product purchase
  • Sunday support, just in case needed J

That’s it guys JI had a pleasant experience with VioletBag.com. How about you J have you tried VioletBag.com before? If so how was your experience? Please share it in the comments section below J

You can reach them at care@violetbag.com | +91-80-65655500 (10 AM to 7 PM (IST), Mon to Sat)

Website: VioletBag.com

Take care and Thanks for reading J

PS: I was provided with a coupon code to shop and I have also spent my own money on this purchase. Nevertheless none of them has affected my opinion. 

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