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Avon Extra Lasting Eyeliner – Review and Swatches!

I am not a big fan of colored liquid liners. I have a very few in my collection and all of them are quite bold/bright and shiny and not meant for everyday wear (except for a few black ones). 

When I saw these Avon liners in last month’s brochure I had this gut feeling that this might work well as an everyday liquid liner! So trusting my instincts (Yes, I do it all times esp when it comes to buying makeup :P) I went ahead and ordered the Emerald shade from this collection.

My gut instinct didn’t fail me at all J These are among one of the few liners which gives you a very elegant look on eyes! I loved everything about this liner so I ordered the Cobalt shade this month J

So here is my review on the Avon Extra Lasting eyeliner in shades Emerald and Cobalt!

Avon’s new Extra lasting eyeliners comes in 3 different shades,

  • Emerald /Hunter Green
  • Cobalt – Midnight Blue
  • Black

The Emerald shade in brochure is wrong –
Emerald as the name suggests is actually green 🙂

Price and Quantity

Rs. 385 or $ 8 for 2.5 ml or 0.085 fl oz

I got them for around Rs. 270 on an introductory offer J

Avon’s claim

  • Wears up to 12 hours
  • Has a flexible tip that lines the eyes with precision in an intense color
  • Feels light weight, ultra comfortable and natural
  • Contains fresh water complex that maintains a fresh appearance throughout the day!

My Review J

Both the shades are not so bright but have a nice healthy sheen to it. 

With Flash – Top – Cobalt and Bottom – Emerald

The Emerald (also called as Hunter Green) is a nice dark bottle green shade; you can compare it against the Avon Glimmersticks diamond Emerald Glow except that later is loaded with chunky glitters!

The Cobalt (also called as Midnight Blue) is a dark “not-so-bright” navy blue color and this shade can be compared against L’Oreal HIP Crayon – shade 282 Intricate (Reviewed here)  and Faces Eyeliner pencil in shade Navy Blue (Reviewed here)

Without Flash – Top – Cobalt and Bottom – Emerald
With Flash – Top – Cobalt and Bottom – Emerald

The felt tip applicator is too good and easy to work with; extremely soft and flexible and again this can be compared to the felt tip applicator of Lakme high definition eyeliner and L’Oreal lineur intense felt tip liquid eyeliner!

Avon Extra lasting eyeliner Felt tip applicator

Lakme high definition eyeliner Felt tip applicator
L’Oreal Lineur Intense eyeliner Felt tip applicator

To use– With cap closed tightly, shake well before each use. Apply in a single stroke along upper and/or lower lash lines of lid. Do not apply directly on the inner rim of lash line.

I love the tiny metal ball bearing sound I hear when I shake them well (the one similar to nail polish shakes) it helps in mixing the stuff well. What I learned is if you don’t mix it well the liner comes out little watery and the color payoff is not that good! See this below picture for a better understanding J

The Good:

  • Stays intact for a whole day, oily lids not a problem as it does not smudge! (Mine is oilyLWord of caution – Just be careful that you don’t cry (I did on the day I had this on my eyes, please don’t ask me whyL) or rub your eyes vigorously (which I do often :P) this would flake off if you do so J

  • The friendly felt tip applicator – a big thumbs-up J

  • Does not hurt my eyes – I used it along my lower lash line and it was good!

  • Water resistant but not waterproof (remember the cry warningJ)

  • Can be easily removed using regular wet wipes or makeup removers

  • Can be bought only through Avon representatives or friends of Avon representatives or from anyone who knows an Avon representative – seriously is this even a con? Guys come on J this is in fact a plus point don’t you all think? These days every third person I meet is an Avon representative J

  • Sturdy and travel friendly packaging – Adds class to your vanity case J

The Bad:

  • Too many Ingredients and though they say it has some “Fresh water complex” (I am not sure what it does) I am little scared seeing them all L

  • Very limited shades, I want to see more purple grey brown and pink!

  • Pricey if not on sale! (I don’t mind spending but this could be a con for those who have a budget)

Glitter & Gorgeous Rating 4.5/5 

So what are you guys waiting for J Go grab one when on offer and don’t forget to share your experience after using it J

Have you used/using/going to use these liners? If so please let me know your thoughts in the comments section below J

Do you know? Liquid eyeliner does not dry immediately so be sure to wait a few extra seconds before blinking or applying mascara or other make up. For a flawless look build upon the thickness by allowing the first pass to set before building the next pass to thicken the line.

Take care and Thanks for reading J


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