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NYX Color Lip Balm – Grazie – Review and Swatches!

“I want a slight hint of color on my lips, but no I don’t want to use a lipstick!”

“I want a slight glossy non sticky shine on my lips, Ohh please no lip glosses!”

“I want moisturizing/hydrating/nourishing and healthy lips, No not the heavy waxy chapstick please!!”

Have you ever been in this state of mind? Well, I’ve been! Many times J

I was always in search of a best “all-in-one” lip balm and after trying a lot of lip products from LipIce lip balms (which changes color when applied on lips), lip spa therapy, Lip pouts, tinted lip balms, lip creams and many more, finally I did find my best “all-in-one” lip balm, not just one but two J

The first one, my favorite – in fact a favorite for most of us is The Nivea Fruity shine lip balms, my best pick from the lot would be strawberry (for a nice red tint), dragon fruit and cherry (for a nice pink tint).

The Second and my recent favorite is the NYX – Color Lip balms

These are available in 12 versatile shades,

Merci, Grazie, ThankYou, XieXie, Sukriya, 
Obrigado, Spasibo, Arigato, Asante, Tack, Danke 
and Shukran

Did you notice, all these names means “Thank You” in 12 different languages J

The shade I am going to review today is “Grazie”, a nice shiny watermelon pink, a good option for everyday wear!

If you have used/liked Nivea fruity shines, you will definitely love these J these are even more light, more hydrating and non waxy and it gives a nice tint of color to the lips!

The Good:

  • Rich Hydrating effect
  • Goodness of Shea butter, sunflower seed oil and Bees wax for healthy lips!
  • Nice natural subtle shiny tint of color to the lips
  • Strong fruity fragrance (which is ok for me) but there is no fruity flavor
  • Wonderful shade selection
  • Packaging is classy sturdy and travel friendly
  • Non waxy, non sticky

The Bad:

  • Availability and Price
  • Staying power – a little more than 2 hrs J

Quantity and Price:

0.14 oz or 4g – Rs. 585 or $ 3.75

You can get them at a 25% off sale price – Rs 439 at stylecraze here!

Product Rating: 
These are my favorite lip balms at the moment girls J Have you tried these lip balms? Did you like it?  Share your thoughts in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J

DYK Lip balm was first marketed in the 1880s by the creator of Chapstick, Charles Browne Fleet, though its origins are commonly traced to “earwax”, which was used as lip balm prior to that.


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