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My 300 followers, MAC, Bourjois and NYX International Giveaway – A sneak Peek!!

Hey Guys, I am glad and happy that I’ve reached 300 followers and to share my joy and happiness, I will be announcing a giveaway on February 4th!

Many Thanks to each and every one of you, for all your love support and encouragement!

I know I go MIA quite frequently, it’s just because I am little busy with my personal and professional life and I am sure I’ll be back to my normal routine by end of Jan J

So coming back to the giveaway, this time there is going to be 3 winners and yeah it’s going to be International again! I may add a few more stuff to the prize list, but before that any guesses on what the prizes would be? J 

Ok, how about this, here is the sneak peek of the prize list J if you can give me the exact product name with exact shade, you would get an additional entry

Note: I need both the product name and shade name 
         Even a wild Guess would do JJ

For MAC, I’ve given the exact shade pic below so guessing them should be fairly simple For the rest the shade would differ from the ones shown in the picture! say for example, the eyeliner pencil shown below is black but the actual shade is different! Similarly the blush, lip gloss and eyeliner shades too differ from the shades shown in the picture below J

So what are you waiting for, Guess the product and shade and get an additional entry J

I will announce the correct guessers name and the number of correct guesses before the giveaway starts JJ

Note: Each right guess, would get one additional entry J so the more products and shades you guess it right the more entries you would get J
Spread the word Guys and Good Luck JJJ

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