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Blisscovered – January 2012 – What’s in my box?

After all the hype and excitement, I finally got my “Bliss box” delivered today J

Welcome note from the B-Team 
So what’s this Bliss box?  

Blisscovered is a fast-growing e-commerce company and the first of its kind in India. 

When you join blisscovered, you’ll be asked to complete an online beauty profile, to help them select products that will work for you. 

Every month you’ll receive a special Blisscovered box filled with at least 4-5 trial products from luxury brands across beauty categories, be it skin care, hair care, cosmetics or luxury bath products. 

A step by step usage guide would be given, so you can try them out in the comfort of your own home. 

Then, if you like the products and want to buy, you can simply call them and they will arrange for a full size to be delivered directly to you. As a member you’ll also get exclusive discounts on full size products.

How and where can you order?

You can subscribe to Blisscovered service online, here!

How much does it cost?

One Month Membership – A great way to try! — Rs. 700

3 Month Membership (Save Rs 200!)  — Rs. 1,900

Currently the only payment option available is COD.

How long does it take for the box to reach you?

I subscribed for my Bliss box on 30th December 2011. I had opted for one month subscription service.

On 14thJanuary 2012, I got an email from the B –Team stating that my box would get delivered to me on the 2nd half of next week and they wanted me to confirm my contact address details. Note – Order cancellation was permitted until that moment!

On 18thJanuary 2012, I got another email stating that the box has been shipped from Mumbai.

On 19thJanuary 2012, an email with the courier details – tracking number was sent to me!

On 21stJanuary 2012, I received my box in good condition!

Attention Chennai readers – FYI J

The box reached me in 4 days of time J

What does it contain?

Blisscovered box is filled with at least 4-5 trial products from luxury brands across beauty categories, be it skin care, hair care, cosmetics or luxury bath products.

Blisscovered’s Brand Partners at the moment!

Is it really worth the money?

Well before answering this question, I will show you what I got this month so that you can decide it for yourself if it was worth the money or not J

So this is what I got,

Lancome – Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate – Trial pack – 0.17 Fl Oz or 5 ml

Diesel – Loverdose Perfume vial – Vial – 005 Fl Oz or 1.5 ml

Forest Essentials – Brahmi Hair Oil – Trial pack – 1.6 Fl Oz or 50 ml

The Nature’s Co.- Lemon Peel Exfoliating Body wash (X 2) and Coffee 
Face scrub (X 1)  – Trial Pack – 0.17 Fl Oz or 5 ml

Clarins – Clear Softening Peeling Gentle Renewing Lotion – Trial pack – 1 Fl Oz or 30 ml

Overall, I find this month’s Bliss box quite interesting as I have not tried any of these products before and buying them full size esp, Lancome and Diesel would definitely cost me a fortune!!
So let’s quickly scan through the good and bad of the idea, service and products delivered!

The Good:

  • The Box, Yes I know it sounds silly, but those of you who have seen this box will definitely agree with me J
  • Personalized card – Yes again, this is a small detail but I felt great when I saw my name printed on the information sheet and Welcome sheet J This shows how much they value and respect  each and every customer!
  • Delivery time – IMHO, not bad at all!!
  • Packing was good – The products were neatly wrapped and packed and reached me safe. All the credit to the box – I love the box J

The Bad:

  • The subscription charge – if they can reduce the amount to anything in between 400 – 500 then that would be great!
  • Choice of products! Since I’ve got more of skin care products this month, I would not like to see another set of skincare stuff again next month! So if we can have an option like a “Wish list” where we can select and update our preference like say skincare, makeup, hair care etc. every month, then that would be great J
  • The manufacturing date can be printed on the carton, or on the product information sheet! I could see the manufacturing date only for the Hair oil!

That’s it folks, I loved my First Bliss box experience! Did you love it too? What did you get in your Bliss Box? Share it in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading J

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