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Elle 18 – Nail Pops – Review and Swatches! – Part-1

Here is a quick review of Elle 18 nail pops and swatches of shades 4, 7, 15, 18, 35, 37 and 41 J

Quantity and Price:

5 ml for Rs. 50 or $ 1

The Good:

  • Availability
  • Price JJ
  • Available in 48 awesome shades J
  • With a top coat stays good for more than a week!
  • Cute packaging

The Bad:

  • The brush!

Overall a best buy J

Shade # 04

Somehow this looks more grayish in photos but the actual color is much prettier. It’s a nice lilac shade and needs minimum 3 coats to get the right shade!

Shade # 07

A lovely baby pink shade, one of my favorite J

Shade # 15

A frosty blue shade – Frankly speaking, this is not “my kinda” shade and I am not sure how and when I bought this L

Shade # 18

Again a frosty shade, this time it’s yellow. But this works well for nail art J

Shade # 35

A deep Black shade!

Shade # 37

One of my favorite JA nice deep plum shade!

Shade # 41

A bright red – a lovely color, my favorite J

Have you tried Elle 18 nail pops? If yes then which is your favorite shade Jplease share it in the comments section below J

Some tips:To get polish to dry quicker, run nails under cold tap water.For a even application, avoid applying nail polish under a fan!Keep Nail polishes in refrigerator, they will last twice as long!

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Take care and Thanks for reading J

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