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Avon Simply pretty – Shine No More – Pressed Powder – Review

This pressed powder per Avon contains oil-controlling ingredients and tea tree oil complex which absorb excess oil while helping hide and clear skin’s blemishes. 

Has SPF14 which shields skin from damaging UVA/UVB rays.

Available in four different variants,

Medium Beige
Light Beige
Dusky Beige
Natural Beige

The shade that I would be reviewing today is “Natural Beige”

So here is my daily minimal office makeup (!?!) routine – Clean and clear skin balancing Moisturizer (Oil free) + ponds age miracle tinted moisturizer + Avon Simply pretty shine no more pressed powder + liner/Kajal/Mascara + Lipbalm & Lipstick

Yes, I accept! I love this product more than my Maybelline Whitestay UV compact and Lakme Perfect Radiance compact simply because, it does a better job and at a better price!

I have an oily T zone and this powder works wonder on my face by keeping it oil-free for a minimum 4 to 5 hrs! 

For the price, I would say it does a pretty decent job J

Quantity and Price:

10g for Rs.169 or $3.20

Many times we can get these at a much cheaper price esp when they are on offer! I got mine for Rs. 129 J

The Good:

  • Light, spreads out evenly when applied with my kabuki and blends well with my skin tone!

  • Easy to carry around, comes with a mirror and sponge applicator (which like any other compact SA, not of much useJ)
  • No breakouts or allergic reaction
  • Price JJ J
  • Dermatologist tested, clinically tested, Non-comedogenic (This means that the product does not contribute to the production of comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), and therefore does not make acne worse) and Non-acnegenic (This means it does not cause or promote acne)

  • Available in 4 different shades
  • Leaves skin oil-free for a solid period of 4 to 5 hrs J

The Bad:

  • The lid lock is not that strong, I dropped it once on floor and it broke L

Left – The broken lid without lock! — Right – Lid with lock! (somehow in this pic the lock looks like bunny teeth lol :))

  • Availability – Can be bought only thru an Avon representative!

MNBR Rating – an easy 4.5/5 J

Have you tried this before, if so what’s your experience J please share it in the comments section below J

DYK when to use a pressed and loose powder: If you need a opaque full coverage look, go for loose powder! For a sheer lighter coverage look, pressed powder would be the best bet J

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Wish you all a very happy and prosperous 
New Year 2012 J

Take care and Thanks for reading J 

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