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It’s Raining Hot pink :)

I was organizing my nail paints today and then realized that I’ve too many hot pink shades in my collection J

So today I will quickly review/compare three wonderful hot pink nail paints, Lakme Color Crush (truewear) #21, Ambikapillai Hard Candy #12 and Avon Speed Dry + in Strawberry J

Rated in the order of preference!!

Application/brush quality:
  1. Avon – Thin consistency and spreads easily, quality brush!
  2. Lakme – Little thick, decent brush quality      
  3. Ambikapillai – Thin consistency, but I could see a lot of unevenness and tiny bubbles while applying over nails! Not good L

Color payoff:
  1. Ambikapillai – Just one coat is enough!
  2. Lakme – Little bright of all the three, needs two coats!
  3. Avon – Two coats required to get the right color.

Drying Time:

All three dries sooper fast J

  1. Avon  – Stays well without chipping for more than 4 days!
  2. Ambikapillai – Color fades away slowly but stays well for 4 days
  3. Lakme – Chips fast in less than 3 days!!

Nail Staining:

  1.  Avon/Lakme – Both does not stain the nails and its quite easy to remove
  2.  Ambikapillai – Stains the nails very badly L L


All three looks cool and stylish in their own way!

  1. Lakme – Available easily anywhere and everywhere!
  2. Avon – At least you can get it thru the reps!
  3. Ambikapillai – I got mine from Fashionandyou website. Honestly have not seen it anywhere else L

Price and Quantity:

  1. Lakme – 9 ml for Rs. 125 or $ 2.25
  2. Avon – 8 ml for Rs. 135 or $ 2.30
  3. AmbikaPillai – 15 ml / 0.51 US FL OZ for Rs. 200 or $ 4

Here are the swatches J J J

Lakme Color Crush (truewear) #21

Ambikapillai Hard Candy #12

Avon Speed Dry + in Strawberry

My personal favorite out of the three is Avon Strawberry J, Next is Lakme and then at last Ambikapillai!!

Which one is your choice J Please let me know in the comment section below J

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Take care and Thanks for reading J

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