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Lakme Absolute Fast and Fabulous One Stroke Nail Color – Shade 15 – Flaming Peach – Review and Swatches

The new Lakme Absolute Nail paints are available in 30 awesome and unique shades. I personally could see more of pinks and plums when compared to others!

Price and Quantity:

Rs 175 or $ 3.50 for 10 ml J

These nail paints are now available in most of the stores! You can find them online at Healthkart, the official online partner for Lakme Absolute.

I got mine from Healthkart too!

They offer free shipping all over India and a surprise gift for their Facebook fans J until December 11, 2011. Check their FB page here to avail the offer now!!

To view the entire Absolute collection click here!

Available Shades:

30 shades as given below,

The shade I am reviewing today is shade 15 – Flaming Peach. It’s a beautiful peach color. Two coats required to get the right color.

Now coming back to the review J having tried most of the Lakme nail paint collection, I seriously dint have any great expectations on this absolute collection. 

The only complaint I always have with Lakme nail paints are that they are sooper thick and take ages to dry!!

Since the new absolute collection claimed that it would dry within 40 seconds, I wanted to try and see if it really worked that way!

It is sooper thick again!! But… it dries sooper fast too J yeyyeyyeyy J J

Ohh wait that’s not it… I need to give due credits to the little cute brush which does its job perfectly well as claimed J J

In short J

The Good:
  •     Dries fast, in less than a minute! J
  •       Elegant and stylish design
  •          The Brush!!!
  •           Color range
  •          Availability

The Bad:

  •           Price
  •           The brush length could have been better

Overall a nice launch by Lakme! Worth a buy J

The Swatches J

MNBR rating: 4/5

Nail care Tip – How to erase the pesky stains:Make those yellow stains from dark polishes disappear in two easy steps. First, get a small bowl of water, add a splash of hydrogen peroxide and soak your nails for 10 minutes. This will mildly (and very gently) bleach away the discoloration.For more stubborn stains, grab a nailbrush and some whitening toothpaste and rub briskly across your nails for a few minutes before rinsing with water. In the future, make sure to use a base coat to protect the surface of your nails.

Take care and Thanks for reading J

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