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Oriflame Very Me Double Trouble Pencils – Review and Swatches and a Word of Caution!!

I was tempted to buy these pencils when they were on sale last month!

A little on D-T J

Very Me Double Trouble (??) pencils are usual dual ended eyeliner pencils which comes in 5(+5) different shades!

Night Glow – Black and White

Mocha Loca – Brown and Gold

Goddess Green – A beautiful sea green and Teal bluish green

Blue Lagoon – Navy blue and Metallic blue

Electric Purple – Deep purple and Light purple

Price and Quantity:

Rs. 179 or $ 3.50 for 1.38g / 0.046oz (I think it’s for both the shades put together so individual shade would weigh 0.69 g)

Current Catalogue Price

Pencils before sharpening! To get an idea on the size of the pencils!

I was quite happy with my purchase until this tragic incident that happened today! 

Yes, My weekend was quite bad and I wanted a change, so planned to dress up well and go out for shopping (Gross! but I usually do this when I am not in a good mood) 

I was on a hurry and tried opening the lid and the moment I pulled the lid (imagine the way you would pull when you are in a real hurry) the mid layer of the pencil came apart and ohh man!! What a shock!! look at this poor wood casing quality of these pencils!! 

Oriflame are you listening? The wood casing is supposed to protect the liner from breaking, look what happened to my dear pencil!!

Sob Sob 🙁

But one good thing is the quality of the liners, they are awesome!

So my word of caution to my dear D-T users!! Please learn from my mistake!! Be gentle and careful with these pencils!

The Good:

  • Decently pigmented
  • Stays on for a good 5 to 6 hours but eventually fades away by end of the day!
  • Lovely shades to choose from, handy!
  • Price and quantity!

The Bad:

  • Cheap packaging! Plastic transparent cap, low quality protective wood casing!!

  • Availability – only through Oriflame consultants
  • Shades like gold and green smudges a bit over a period of time – for people with oily lids, please be aware and use loose powder before using these!
  • Does not stay well on water line!
  • Fallout is more since the liners are quite delicate and pigmented!

Overall I have mixed reactions for these pencils! I do not regret buying these but at the same time not very happy either!

MNBR Rating: 3/5

Have you used D-T pencils before? If so which is your favorite shade and what is your experience with these pencils? Let me know in the comments section below J

Eyeliner Tip: Use pencil liners for a soft day look, blacks and browns help you get this look. For night times use bold colors like greens blues and purples!
For longer wear use eye shadow close to the pencil liner color to set the pencil!

Take care and Thanks for reading J

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