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Avon True color Blush – Raspberry – A Review!

“From every blush that kindles in thy cheeks, Ten thousand little loves and graces spring To revel in the roses.” – Nicholas Rowe
From Literature to movies, romance to envy! Blush(ing) has played a vital role in every women’s life!
Rouge also called as Blush, as a cosmetic is very important in any makeup routine, as it enhances and defines the cheekbones, it gives the user a more urbane sophisticated and classy look!
A Good blush is always hard to find!
Some key Points to be noted while choosing the right blush!
          Skin tone –For cool undertones use a blush with blue pigments; For warm undertones use a blush with yellow or gold pigments! Keep in mind your eye and hair color as well, while on the lookout for the right blush!

         Experts suggest exercising for several minutes and then checking your face to get a feel on how a natural blush would look like for you! Choose that shade to get the natural blush look J

An Excellent Illustration from MUFE website for all your reference!

         Blush type – cream/powder -Remember cream blushes blends well but eventually fade away, powder blushes have more lasting power and should be applied in one direction to avoid streaking!

         Blush application – fingers/brushes – controlling the right amount of blush does the whole trick! If you are going for a cream blush then use your fingers for better results!
          Rule of Thumb! – Smile while you wear your blush J apply blush just outside the most accentuated part of your cheeks! Blend it well until it fades away gradually!

        For subtle look – apply blush under your foundation!

        Never use blush on underside of your cheekbone!
The Review!

Here is my review on Avon true color blush in shade Raspberry!

This is my first Avon blush and I bought this shade as it was a little darker compared to the other shades and seriously I wanted to experiment my blushing skills (!!)

Per Avon, these blushes are silky smooth powder, absorbs shine and ideal for oily skin. Color stays true for hours!

Price and Quantity:
Rs.399 or $8 for 6.23 g

Shades available at the moment:
Hibiscus – #17009
Mad about Mauve – #17011
Raspberry – #17010
Molta Mocha – #17012

I feel the shade names Mad about Mauve and Raspberry has been swapped and printed incorrectly in the above booklet picture! But I just confirmed the same in current month’s catalogue picture which I have given below for your reference.

A little on the color!
A dark raspberry shade with subtle golden shimmer! A little (I mean a very little) is enough to cover the cheeks and get the natural finish! The shimmer is hardly visible when applied on face and I love the way it gives a little ‘oomph’ to the face! Be careful, a tad bit more may give you a clown like look! So practice well before you head outside with this blush on J
IMHO not suitable for all skin tones! This will suit best for fair to medium skin tones.

The Good:
  • Smooth and silky texture and blends like a dream!
  • Stays put for hours together!
  • Classy and sturdy packaging!
  • Very soft and good quality brush, which was a total surprise for me!
  • Quantity, this will last for a long time!
  • Big handy mirror J

The Bad:
  • Availability
  • Price!!

A very good blush but not suitable for all! If you are a beginner, I would suggest you to choose Mad about Mauve or Molta Mocha!
MNBR Rating : 4/5

Have you guys used Avon true color blushes before? If so which is your favourite shade? Share your thoughts in the comments section below J
Take care and Thanks for reading! And yeah Happy Blushing J J

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