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Faces Canada Nail Enamel – Review and Swatches

These nail paints are one of the best nail paints I have used until now. I have been using these for a quite a while and I am totally satisfied with its quality and my favorite part is the compliments I get every time I wear these shades on my nails J

Over a month I had been busy with my official work and I had no time to change my nail paints even for weeks together and believe me these nail paints worked pretty well without chipping for weeks!!  (Note: I absolutely do not have any great household chores to do like doing dishes or washing clothes!  Also this was my observation with a decent base and top coat)

Anyways with my minimal household work I was impressed with these nail paints and hence decided to review this for the benefit of others J

About Faces nail paints:

Faces Nail Enamel is a long lasting and chip resistant nail polish. It comes in a high shine finish formula that applies smoothly and lasts longer. Trendy colors brighten up your mood and keep up with the fashion mania. Flat brush delivers shiny smooth color for a streak free professional finish. Toluene & DBP, camphor and formaldehyde free!

Price and Quantity:

Comes in 2 different sizes and 24 wonderful shades:  7 ml, cost Rs 99 ($2) and 12 ml, cost Rs.199 ($4)

The shades I own are,

Rufus (12 ml – #01) – A beautiful Burnt Orange shade; glossy in texture.

Rose Taupe (12 ml – #07) – Perfect name, it’s indeed a true rose taupe shade!

Vibrant Violet (12 ml – #14) – A deep violet shade with a hint a golden shimmer    


Thulian Pink (12 ml – #17) – A pastel pink shade with some purple undertones

Go Green (7ml – #17) – A Dark Green shade, glossy texture.

All That Glitters (7ml – #22) – A regular golden glitter polish

Shanghai Shimmer (7ml – #23) – A regular silver glitter polish

The Good:

  • With a top coat it stays long! Really long J (I used Revlon top coat)
  • Available in 24 wonderful shades!
  • Smooth application and dries fast!
  • Toluene & DBP, camphor and formaldehyde free!
  • No strong fumes!
  • Just 2 coats to enough to get the color on the bottle!

The Bad:

  • Brush applicator is very short!!
  • Thickens pretty fast when exposed to air, so have to be real quick while applying them on nails or avoid sitting under a fan while applying these nail paints J
  • Availability !

12 ml

7 ml

Left: 12 ml and Right: 7 ml

Left: 12 ml and Right: 7 ml 

Overall these are wonderful nail paints and a must try J

MNBR Rating: 4.5/5

Have you guys used these nail paints before, which is your favorite shade, Let me know in the comments section below J

Do you know?  To find a nail shape that suits you, just take a look at your nail beds. Curved beds look better with rounded tips. Flat nail beds look good with squared edges. Go in between if you’re unsure: Create a slight oval at the center of your tips, and then softly square the edges of your nails to get what top manicurists call the ‘Squoval’.

Take care and Thanks for reading J
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