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Garnier Skin Naturals – Bodycocoon Intense Moisture lotion Review

Bodycocoon, with nutritive fruit oils is a wonderful moisture lotion from Garnier made especially for the dry skin J

According to Garnier, Bodycocoon nourishes dry skin and replenishes moisture from within instantly absorbed.

If you wonder if Bodycocoon is right for you, Garnier says, it is! because this lotion is for those who feel their skin to be dry, rough, flaky and tight and for those who want a moisturizing body lotion that will soothe and restore the skin’s suppleness, leaving it unbelievably soft.

So how is Bodycocoon different from others? Garnier says that its creamy yet light texture is instantly absorbed into the skin – enveloping it in a nourishing cocoon of softness, leaving it deliciously fragranced. Its moisturizing formula blends selected natural ingredients, Nutritive fruit oils from apricots, olives, blackcurrants and avocados to deliver an immediate burst of moisture to the skin.

Visible results: Dry skin appears transformed:

Visibly smoother; noticeably softer


Have been dermatologically tested to ensure respect to your skin!

Shelf life: Use before 36 months from the Pkd date.

Price and Quantity: Rs.95 for 125 ml

I was looking for a decent body lotion to carry along in my bag, something small and cute. Believe me that was my only expectation! This Bodycocoon lotion caught my eyes when I was checking the Urban touch website couple of months back (as I don’t remember seeing these anywhere except in the ads long time back!)

I thought of giving it a try and believe me guys this stuff is awesome J

I agree 100% to Garnier’s claim on this product. It is rich, creamy, light in texture, spreads fast and moistures skin like a dream.

Let’s quickly scan thru the good and bad of Bodycocoon,

The Good:

  • Rich, Light and creamy
  • Delicious fruity smell lingers on quite a while
  • Nutritive oil benefits
  • Sweet and cute sturdy packaging

The bad:

Why should I not apply it on my face? I know it’s a body lotion, but still I have never seen such an explicit “warning” in any of my other body lotions. It’s not that oily though it has a lot of oil ingredients! So I don’t see any harm using it on my face! But since they have mentioned it clearly, I dint want to try it on my face!

If any of you know the reason please let me know, I have been breaking my head to find an answer!

This is an awesome body lotion guys, go for it J

Have you guys tried Bodycocoon before? If so please share your experience in the comments section below J

Take care and Thanks for reading!

A Body lotion tip: Apply your body lotion immediately after your bath, that way you will lock the natural moisture of your skin and this effect will last long J

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