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Avon – Simply pretty – Colorbliss Lipsticks – Review and Swatches

Recently Avon had a wonderful offer on these lipsticks which tempted me and my friends and we decided to stock up all our favorite shades from this collection J

Colorbliss lipsticks comes in wide shades like pinks reds mauve browns and plums suitable for all skin tones J


Rs.125 or around $2.75 for 4 g

They are on offer this month and available for Rs.99 J

Few points on Colorbliss lipsticks:

  • Not all shades are much pigmented but most of them are!!
  • Wide selection of shades for all skin tones, a pocket friendly option J
  • Sturdy packing though the design looks little outdated but that’s ok with me since it’s    easy to carry around!
  • Again the staying power varies with shades, deep colors stay for more than 3 hrs when compared to the lighter and nude shades.
  • These are not the most creamiest lipsticks available in market but they glide on smoothly and does not bleed J
  • Few shades did make my lips feel a little dry but I was okay with that since I use lip balms before applying my lipstick.
  • Per Avon these lipsticks contains sunscreen and have Vitamin E, Aloe extracts and jojoba oil (which has anti-bacterial properties)
  • The shade pics from brochure would be quite misleading; it is not the exact shade as far as my experience goes. It is always better to check for the swatches on the net before buying the shades.
  • Available only thru Avon consultants

This is a pic from Brochure – You can compare the shades with my swatches and see how misleading it is at  times!!

Following are the swatches of the lipsticks me and my friends bought. Hope this helps you guys in choosing the shades J

L-R – Plum Perfect, Milk Chocolate, Mystic Beige

L-R – Plum Perfect, Milk Chocolate, Mystic Beige

Plum Perfect

  • A deep plum shade
  • Very pigmented
  • Stays long – by long I mean a max of 3 hrs with in between food and drinks J

Milk Chocolate

  •            Rich brown shade
  •           Very pigmented
  •           Stays long

Mystic beige

  •  A nude beige shade 
  • Good for everyday office use if you want to keep it subtle
  •  Staying power is ok and needs touch up often
  •  Had to swipe almost 4 to 5 times to get that color on the pic

L-R – Cranberry, Mango Mania, Berry Glitz

L-R – Cranberry, Mango Mania, Berry Glitz


  • A lovely pinkish burgundy shade
  • Very wearable
  • Very pigmented
  • Stays long

Mango Mania

  •           A brick orange shade and this is one of my favorite shade these days J
  •           Very pigmented
  •           Stays long

Berry Glitz

  •           It’s a glitzy pinkish copper shade.
  •           Not very pigmented, swiped more than 5 times to build that color on pic.
  •           Personally I pair this with some nude shade lipsticks; one swipe over nude shades would just give you a glitzy look which I like a lot J

L-R – Truffle, Cherry Red, Coffee Bean

L-R – Truffle, Cherry Red, Coffee Bean


  •          Another favorite of mine J similar to Mango Mania but little darker
  •           Very pigmented
  •           Stays long

Cherry Red

  •           Awesome red shade
  •           Very pigmented compared to all the shades I’d used till date.
  •           Stains lips a little

Coffee Bean

  •           A coffee brown shade
  •           Very pigmented
  •           This one stains too

L-R – Amethyst, Sweet Burgundy, Rich Wine

L-R – Amethyst, Sweet Burgundy, Rich Wine


  •           A bright disco pink shade
  •           Lovely pigmentation

Sweet Burgundy

  •           A deep burgundy shade with little orange tint
  •           Stains a bit and stays long

Rich wine

  •           A dark wine shade – apt to its name!
  •           Stains and stays long

L-R – Graceful Nude, True Rose, Whisper

L-R – Graceful Nude, True Rose, Whisper

Graceful Nude

  •          A beautiful nude shade
  •           Staying power is decent

True Rose

  •           I love this rose pink shade
  •           Pigmentation is good and stays ok


  •           An Awesome peachy shade – one of my favorite
  •          Pigmentation is not so good and I have swiped more than 5 times to get the color on the pic!


L-R – Rosy Kiss, Sweet Rose

L-R – Rosy Kiss, Sweet Rose

Rosy Kiss

  •           A bright peachy color
  •           Made my lip a little dry L
  •           Pigmentation is decent  

Sweet Rose

  •           One shade lighter than Rosy kiss
  •           Has a pretty sheen to it
  •           Pigmentation is ok

That’s it guys J Hope you all enjoyed the swatches J

Have you tried Colorbliss before (I know many of you would haveJ) If so let me know your take and favorite shade in the comments section below J

DYK:  Lipstick has been around for thousands of years. History has shown that the ancient Egyptians used henna to paint their lips. Other substances used to make lipstick have included hog’s lard and rose petals J  Also lips are not exactly red – they just appear that way because of the thin skin (three times thinner than our normal skin) on the lips and the amount of tiny blood vessels found in this area J

Take care and Thanks for reading J

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