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Tvam — Rose Face Pack Review and Beaute’ Naturelle online shopping experience

I had been reading a lot about this brand recently in many blogs and wanted to try their stuff before buying.

Meg, the proprietor of Beaute’ Naturelle sent me a few samples suitable for sensitive skin. After using them for couple of times I zeroed in on the following products,

  •          Rose face pack
  •          Almond and saffron Moisturizing body lotion

Not that I did not like the rest but just that it did not suit my skin type well!

This is how the packaging looks like,

It’s a fine powder

The Flimsy Cap

Tvam’s say on this product:

A powerful mix of anti-aging botanicals that will benefit all skins, and is very effective on sensitive, dry and mature skin. Rose petals deep condition, restore pH balance, tone skin, improve complexion and slow down aging. Tvam Rose face pack is an exotic blend of Ayurvedic and anti-oxidant ingredients that will stimulate circulation and collagen formation, along with other benefits. 


Rs. 330 for 150 g



Rose Face pack is an exotic mix of herbs which is anti-aging and extremely beneficial for sensitive, dry and mature skin.
Fullers earth and calamine will tighten pores, draws out harmful toxins and tightens enlarged pores.
Rose petals will deep condition, restore pH balance and help retain moisture.
Rose will also clear and improve complexion and slow down aging. It’s the nature’s best skin toner.
Yashtimadhu will detoxify and soothe with its anti-inflammatory property while improving complexion. It is an anti-oxidant and will help reverse aging.
Shatavari and Ashwagandha help regeneration of new cells.
Sesame seeds soften and nourish the skin.
Neem is an anti-oxidant and will fight aging.
Bala gives the skin vitality and gets rid of excessive heat from the skin which damages the cells and gives skin a leathery look.
Jaiphal aids blood circulation which helps to remove spots, marks and blemishes.
Brahmi is an anti-oxidant and stimulates collagen.
Sandalwood cools and removes pigmentation and tightens pores.
Papaya controls premature aging, fights wrinkles and gives skin a fresh glow.
Lajjalu prevents skin diseases.


Cleanse your face and pat it dry. Use a teaspoon of the face pack and make a thin paste with some water/rose water/cucumber water/milk. Apply the face pack on your face and neck avoiding eyes. Let it dry completely. Wash thoroughly and pat dry!

My take on the product:

All the Tvam products smell extremely good! This rose pack smells exactly like fresh bunch of roses! Very refreshing scent!

I used the FabIndia rosewater for mixing and the paste looks like this,

It spreads out evenly on the face and dries quickly! The pack on my face dried up so fast even before I finished applying it on my neck!

Though the instructions said that we can wash it off once it dries, I was little not ok with that because it dried so quickly in less than 5 minutes and I always somehow feel that face packs are meant to be on your face for at least a solid 10 minutes (lol I know it is little weird but that’s the minimum time limit I have seen in all the face packs I’ve used till date)

Guess what! I was correct J I started to feel the tightening effect only after 5 minutes!!

Exactly after 10 minutes I washed my face and I was happy! My skin felt fresh and clean! My pores were slightly less visible!! Face looked brighter!! What more could you ask for!

I have a combination skin type with oily T zones and visible pores and this face pack works perfectly for me!


  • Smells divine and refreshing! If you like the smell of roses you will agree with me J
  • Dries super fast!
  • Does not burn or irritate my skin!
  • Gives a little brightening effect after usage
  • Less visible pores!
  • Skin remains soft and clean after usage!
  • All Natural Ingredients J


  •  Packaging! Not happy! The lid is very flimsy and it’s hard to open! Every time I fight with the lid and until now I’ve wasted a lot of product! Also as it is a fine powder, it has this tendency to settle down in the corners of the screw type lid!
  • Availability – you have to buy them online only!!

Overall it’s a nice face pack for combination skin types! Worth a try!

I will be reviewing the Almond and saffron lotion soon J

My Experience with Beaute’ Naturelle website:

Check Beaute’ Naturelle website here! They have tons of products to explore J

They have products from the following vendors,

  • Tvam
  • Nourish Body and Bath
  • Last Forest Enterprises
  • Ruby’s Herbal
  • Divine

They sell products on almost all categories ranging Body Care, Face Care, Anti-aging, Lip Care, Sun Protection, Bathing Indulgence, Eye Care, Hair Care and Gift Packs

They accept most major credit and debit cards. Alternatively, you may opt for the “Cash On Delivery” mode of payment if you are a resident of Mumbai or Pune, Maharashtra.

They offer FREE SHIPPING on orders over Rs.1000. Orders that add up to less than INR 1000 will be charged Rs. 50 for shipping.

They ship very quickly; I got my stuff delivered in less than 4 days!! The products were neatly bubble wrapped and reached me safe! Meg had also sent a hand written personal ‘Thank you’ note J

You can contact Meg for any clarification; I guess she will be happy to help you all J

Note: This review is based on my personal opinion on the product. The product reviewed above is bought by me using my money and I am not affiliated with Beaute’ Naturelle or Tvam.
Take care and Thanks for reading J

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